The Condusiv Partner Program

The Condusiv Technologies Partner Program has been designed around Partner profitability, ease of doing business, and assisting channel Partners to create opportunities to grow your business. It provides training and enablement, technical support, software benefits, sales and marketing tools, and a range of other exclusive benefits available through our Partner portal.

The program provides advancement and incremental benefits based on a Partner’s commitment, training and capability/experience with larger customer installations.

Registered Partner

The introductory level within the program, our Registered Partner level provides access to significant tools and resources including complimentary software licenses, Deal Registration and our online training program.

Premier Partner

Premier Partners have met specific training requirements and have shown experience with medium to large customer installations. These Partners enjoy MDF support, enhanced margins and access to qualified sales leads.

National Partner

Partners with a national reach who obtain greater than 50% of their revenues from inbound sales, including online websites and inbound call centers, are eligible for this level. Custom benefits tailored to their business model.

Advancement Within the Program

Enrollment in the Partner program is available to all resellers with a Solution Provider business model with less than 50% of their revenues coming from online and inbound selling activities. Solution Providers can register at and will be notified of program acceptance to the Registered level.

Advancement to the Premier level is based on staff completion of online training, an annual revenue threshold, and commitment to online presence, business planning and the Condusiv Partner Agreement.

Advancement to the Elite level is for Partners with significant revenue and successful sales to enterprise customers, as well as increased levels of staff training on Condusiv sales and technical training.

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Program Benefits Registered Premier National
Access to Partner Portal
Online Training Program
Press Release Support
Product Announcements Before General Public
Complimentary Software Licenses
Fast Cash New Business Incentive
Deal Registration – Deal Protection with Margin Enhancement
Condusiv Partner Level Logo Registered Premier Elite
Appear on Reseller Locator on Website Limited Prominent Location Top Position
Pre-Sales Engineering Support Limited
Co-operative Marketing Assistance with MDF Support
Priority Access to Qualified Sales Leads
Enhanced Margins – Up-Front Discount
Joint Business Plan & QBR with a Condusiv Executive Sponsor
Eligible for Global Program Status Recognition

Strategic Alliance

Condusiv Technologies is dedicated to making computers faster, more reliable, longer lasting and more energy efficient with zero overhead. Impelled by this goal, we develop breakthrough technology solutions in response to the real-world problems of computer users. We work with select strategic Partners in a variety of ways to offer the best possible solutions to technology users worldwide.

Register to be a Condusiv Channel Partner

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Condusiv Technologies has significant expertise on the Windows based file systems which have resulted in performance improvements on all of the modern storage systems within a computer. This has resulted in OEM products for the following storage architectures:

  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD) systems
  • Hybrid Systems – Combination of a discrete HDD and a separate SSD
  • Hybrid Drives – HDD and SSD in a single package and single interface
  • Pure SSD systems

These products include:

  • IntelliWrite® write I/O optimization software for faster Windows systems
  • IntelliMemory® RAM caching software for faster Windows systems
  • Diskeeper® software to keep PCs running like new
  • InvisiTasking® zero overhead technology
  • ExpressCache® SSD caching software for faster PCs
  • HyperBoot® software for faster boot times