Case Studies

Case Studies2022-01-17T19:54:46-05:00

Hancock Regional Hospital – “67% Improved Response Time”

Hancock Regional Hospital Deploys Condusiv Software for MEDITECH on Virtual Servers to Solve Critical Performance Issues. “Compiling a list of 16 patients took 13 seconds. With V-locity it now takes only five seconds to load 19. That’s a major improvement when you’re talking about a busy day in the ER.”

Teichert Construction – “50-60%+ Drop in Performance Issues”

Construction Company Deploys Condusiv Software to Improve Speed on Citrix and SQL Applications. "We were looking at solutions that could give us a performance boost, you know…things that pool memory at the host or required an expensive all-flash card to be added to the host. We were able to skip all that because Condusiv solved it with a simple install right into the VM and that’s it. You’re done. I would recommend Condusiv to anyone that doesn’t want to be stuck with unnecessary hardware costs and needs a solution to add an extra layer of enhanced performance.”