Dymaxio - Fast Data. Fast Throughput. Fast IO. Guaranteed.

Dynamically Accelerating Data for Maximum I/O Performance

DymaxIO is fast data software. Whether on-premises or in the Cloud, DymaxIO returns 40%+ of your throughput that is being robbed due to I/O inefficiencies. It’s fast, easy, fully transparent, and automatic. Fix application slows, freezes, timeouts, slow SQL queries, and more, at the source. Get your speed back now with new DymaxIO.

Instant File Recovery

Undelete recovers deleted files instantly with continuous data protection, eliminating time consuming restores from backup. Undelete protects local and network-share files ensuring every deleted file, or version of a file, can easily be restored. From server to desktop, Undelete saves the day – in just a few clicks, content that took hours to create is back in a moment.

V-locity, Diskeeper, and SSDkeeper
are now DymaxIO

All of our  technologies in V-locity, Diskeeper, and SSDkeeper have been rolled into one new product – DymaxIO.

DymaxIO™ is fast data software that utilizes AI (artificial intelligence) to detect and adapt to its operating environment.

Whether on-premises or in the Cloud, New DymaxIO is the most cost-effective, easy, and indispensable solution for fast data, increased throughput, and accelerated I/O performance so systems and applications run at peak performance for as long as possible.

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Where is V-locity?

V-locity® is I/O reduction software for virtual servers that solves I/O inefficiencies at the source, transforming and streamlining I/O to make Windows servers faster and more reliable. All of V-locity’s features and functionality are now included in DymaxIO. New DymaxIO will automatically detect a virtual environment and immediately get to work solving the I/O blender effect for fast data speeds and extended hardware life.

Where is Diskeeper?

Diskeeper® has been increasing PC and Server performance by eliminating and preventing fragmentation for millions of global customers for decades. Diskeeper includes caching technology for faster-than-new computer performance. All of Diskeeper’s features and functionality are now included in DymaxIO. New DymaxIO will automatically detect a physical environment and immediately get to work solving I/O bottlenecks that are strangling system throughput to let data flow as fast as it possibly can.

Where is SSDkeeper?

SSDkeeper® keeps systems with SSDs running faster-than-new and extends their lifespan by reducing write amplification issues that plague all SSD devices. All of SSDkeeper’s features and functionality are now included in DymaxIO. New DymaxIO will automatically detect an SSD drive and apply the appropriate performance and life-extending technology.

How is DymaxIO licensed?

DymaxIO is sold as an annual subscription saving organizations money. Your subscription will renew annually to keep using the software.

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How do I trial new DymaxIO?

You may create an online account and download a 30-day evaluation of DymaxIO. For best results, install DymaxIO on ALL VMs on a single host. For evaluation on 10+ systems/VMs, we recommend you contact sales to speak with a Solution Specialist to get set up with the management console for faster deployment.

How do I upgrade V-locity, Diskeeper, and SSDkeeper to DymaxIO?

Customers with current Maintenance or Upgrade Assurance contracts are eligible for a free upgrade to new DymaxIO.

We are beginning to populate online accounts with new DymaxIO and are starting to notify customers.

For Upgrade Assurance customers: DymaxIO has been placed in your new online account. We are in the process of notifying customers to login and access your software.

For Maintenance customers: DymaxIO will be placed in your online account once the Condusiv Management Console (CMC) is available. In the meantime, please continue to use the V-locity software you have installed along with the V-locity Management Console and Diskeeper along with the Diskeeper Administrator. Once the new Condusiv Management Console (CMC) is available, we will place your new software in your new online account and notify you how to login.

If you do not have a current Maintenance or Upgrade Assurance contract, you can purchase a subscription to new DymaxIO easily here, from your favorite reseller, or contact your Condusiv Account Manager for volume purchasing.

Will my V-locity, Diskeeper, or SSDkeeper licenses expire?

No. Your V-locity, Diskeeper, or SSDkeeper licenses are perpetual licenses and are yours to keep forever and will not expire.

What are the benefits of using DymaxIO?

Whether on-premises or in the Cloud, for improved throughput and fast data, you need DymaxIO. No new hardware and no reboot necessary. With new DymaxIO there is no more guesswork as the software intelligently adapts performance strategies to the exact individual system.

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What are the features in DymaxIO?

DymaxIO includes Condusiv’s patented, tested, and certified technologies to make your data as fast as possible, whether on-premises or in the Cloud. These include:

  • IntelliWrite® write optimization technology that automatically prevents excessively small, fractured, random writes and reads that harms performance due to the severe inefficiency in the native hand-off of data between the Windows OS and underlying storage.
  • IntelliMemory® read I/O optimization technology that intelligently caches hot read requests from server memory that is otherwise idle and unused.
  • InvisiTasking® is a patented intelligent scheduling technology that allows all the DymaxIO “background” operations within the server to run with zero resource impact on current production by only leveraging idle CPU cycles and memory.
  • And MORE

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What happened to the Home editions?DymaxIO combines best tech from Condusiv

We have discontinued the “home” and “pro” editions of our software. DymaxIO Client is the correct edition for desktops and laptops.

License quantity minimums

We have instituted minimum licensing purchasing requirements to uphold the high quality of our support.

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How do I find out more about DymaxIO?

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Visit our Help Center for additional DymaxIO FAQs.

Condusiv’s products Diskeeper, SSDkeeper, and V-locity are now new DymaxIO.