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Boost your Windows & SQL application performance at least 30-40% or more. DymaxIO fixes Windows performance problems such as application/SQL slows and freezes, at the source.

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Instant File Recovery

Undelete recovers deleted files instantly – from network drives & servers, removable drives, applications, the command prompt, and more. Protects against zero-day deletes and recovers file versions. It’s quick – no need to go to backup. Increase your security, protection, and reliability with Undelete.


What Condusiv Customers are Saying

Slide “2X Faster SQL & Oracle!” University of Illinois Slide “Doubled Performance!” Alvernia University Slide “ERP Twice as Fast!" I.B.I.S. Inc. Slide “Cut Backups in Half!” School City of Hammond Slide “Saved Millions in Hardware Costs!” CHRISTUS Health Slide “Undelete Saved My Bacon many Times!” Charles Chang, Support Technician, Alert

What People are Saying

“Typically, IT professionals respond to application performance issues by reactively buying more hardware. Without the luxury of a padded budget, we needed to find a way to improve performance on the hardware infrastructure we already have. It saved us from having to make a heavy investment in SSDs or do a complete rip and replace of our entire hardware infrastructure. To this day, I still can’t believe software is doing this.”
R. Ortiz, IT Manager, ASL Marketing

“I have used Diskeeper since it was first introduced. It has always worked well in keeping my drive defragged for the fastest response times for all of my apps. Thank you again for this fine piece of software.”
Philip Baldwin, NVQB

“The Undelete software that we use on all our Regional Servers is undoubtedly worth every penny. It has saved our Techs numerous hours in restoring files inadvertently deleted as opposed to having to restore from backup tape.”
Michael Lucas, Gancom (Division of Gannet Fleming)

“Undelete saves backup restores when someone accidentally deletes a file from a Windows share. We store tapes off site so Undelete can save a big delay for file restores of that type. Undelete does what it says on the box – really – and it works nicely as a network recycle bin.”
Glenn Edwards, Infrastructure Analyst, Itron

“I have been using Diskeeper for many years, it is installed as a routine on all servers, networked clients, SHO and any other computer. It has never presented any problem and has always demonstrated improved drive performance in both servers and clients. With each new release Condusiv does not merely provide “window dressing”, they actually improve the product with the objective of making it easier to use, more reliable, more effective and easier to use.”
Mark Sills, Systems Administrator / Manager, Home User

Featured Case Study!

“2X Faster SQL & Oracle!”

The University of Illinois Doubles SQL and Oracle Performance on Flash Arrays with DymaxIO I/O Transformation Software.

Even though the University of Illinois Facilities and Services was running their most I/O-intensive MS-SQL and Oracle applications on an all-flash storage array to get the most performance possible, the growth of databases and users meant they were no longer seeing the same levels of performance.

“By solving the issue of small, fractured, random I/O, we’ve been able to increase the efficiency of our infrastructure and, ultimately, our people,” Greg Landes, Manager of Systems Services, University of Illinois

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