V-locity Helped Minimize Downtime

“V-locity is extremely useful in a Meditech environment. It keeps free space clean and the FAL remediation tools saves from lengthy downtimes.”

James Roberts, Support, NTT Data Services

“MEDITECH customers have experienced unscheduled downtime due to an NTFS structure called the File Attribute List (FAL), which had reached its size limit. MEDITECH endorses Condusiv’s I/O reduction software, V-locity and Diskeeper, for their process to eliminate this fragmentation problem. Indeed because of its design and feature set, we have also observed it accelerate application performance in a measurable way. Defragmentation is required for all 5x and 6x customers. We are pleased that Condusiv has continued to enhance their solution and their products are strongly recommended.”

Michael Belkner, Associate VP Technology, MEDITECH

“Regarding cost savings, the value we receive from Vlocity in not having to worry about our MEDITECH systems crashing due to FAL growth is invaluable. It doesn’t take long for downtime to accumulate into hundreds of thousands in lost revenue. However, the real surprise was the performance gains on our heaviest workloads.”

Joe Buckminster, IT Director, Community Medical CenterAdministrator, Goodwill Industries

V-locity Helped Improve Productivity and Customer Service

“We try to be as proactive as possible for our CAD users and that is why we use Condusiv’s Diskeeper for physical systems and V-locity for virtual systems. An important part of my job is to ensure that the proper technology is in place that will allow users to work efficiently and Condusiv has kept things running fast and smoothly for us over the last 10+ years.”


“V-locity has certainly added so much benefit to every technology that we’ve brought in and has saved us and our users loads of time. In a non-profit, this resource is very valuable. I have already recommended the software to many others in the industry and will continue to do so.”


“Many people at Teichert have been positively impacted by the performance gains that V-locity has provided…General frustration is gone, users are more productive and efficient, customers don’t have to wait long periods of time to process orders, and the IT department is freed up to focus on more important initiatives relating to the company’s mission and core values.”


“After deploying V-locity, we initially got more performance from SQL. I was able to shave a minute and a half off report generation for the accounting folks. We saw the time to run the reports shrink dramatically over the first 3 weeks. I could tell right away that it was working and put it on more VMs. Since deploying V-locity, we have also had less helpdesk calls and complaints! V-locity also reduces our backup windows, and that was a huge benefit.”


V-locity Helped Minimize Crashes

“We couldn’t have been happier with the performance boost V-locity gave us, but perhaps the biggest intangible we didn’t expect is how V-locity eliminated the crashes. Outages are a really big deal, particularly on a busy day when there are 3,500 users hitting the system at the same time with customers waiting.” “The database would eventually hang then crash because it was so far behind in what it needed to do. Before V-locity, we would have to restart the database and clear all the queues. This would happen multiple times every year and create a lot of problems for a lot of people. Since installing V-locity, we haven’t had a single crash for over a year.”

Anonymous Fertilizer Company

“We hadn’t even purchased V-locity yet, and we had full access to support. The ease of getting up and running was excellent. We tested the waters and, once I was confident nothing was blowing up, we pushed V-locity to the ERP hosts. I wanted to see the results in context of our biggest trouble spots before making a decision to purchase. Within days, I had reports back from shipping that scanners were no longer locking up, and there hadn’t been any system crashes. That’s all the verification I needed.”

Curt Hapner, CIO, Altenloh, Brinck & Co. U.S.

Diskeeper Helped Optimize ERP Servers

“I installed Diskeeper and crossed my fingers, hoping it would solve at least some of our problems. It didn’t just solve some problems, it solved all of our problems. I was calling Sage support daily then suddenly I wasn’t calling them at all.”

“Diskeeper proactively eliminates fragmentation from occurring in real-time, making it SAN-friendly, cloud-friendly and SSD-friendly to solve a problem that otherwise takes manual intervention and after-hours maintenance to address. Now I’m at home in the evening with my wife instead of fixing systems outside production hours.”

Rob, IT Manager, Cultech Limited

Diskeeper Helped Save Money on Hardware Costs

“The Diskeeper software improved SCADA performance so drastically that we decided to look into Condusiv’s offerings for virtual servers. We ended up rolling out V-locity on all our virtual servers and saw incredible I/O savings, throughput improvements and hardware longevity extended on the order of years. Combine that with the enhanced application stability we got on SCADA that both Diskeeper and Vlocity are now part of our standard build. It’s not even a question, it’s a necessity.”


“Diskeeper is always an absolutely essential investment. For the peace of mind I get, not to mention the awesome added bonus of one thing permanently removed from my ‘worry list’, the cost to value ratio is phenomenal.

“When it comes to disk fragmentation and all of the associated problems in server performance, Diskeeper is the ONLY solution. Without the slightest exaggeration, I don’t even think about the fragmentation state of any disk on any system once Diskeeper is installed. The “Set It and Forget It” functionality is exactly what’s promised. This product works as it always does… flawlessly. Diskeeper is definitely a vital tool.”


“Diskeeper indeed provided the ROI we expected. We are very satisfied. It always proved to be a valuable product for transparent defrag and overall performance. Prior to installing Diskeeper our systems were almost unresponsive. The deployment was easy; it is a fine product that we rely upon.

“The Automatic defrag does not take any visible resources, which is really appreciated. The automatic defrag also helps overall performance greatly on files system access. One of the folders has millions of files in it with no subfolders and it was almost inaccessible before the Diskeeper implementation due to the fragmentation level being very high.”


“We had several servers experiencing a variety of performance problems. Knowing that a severely fragmented hard drive can lead to performance problems, we had to free up drive space. We employed Diskeeper to handle the severely fragmented drive. Now, our servers are all running quite satisfactorily with drastically improved performance.

“Diskeeper is certainly a critical element. Diskeeper continually maintains a defragmented drive, thereby maximizing read/write times, thus server performance is maximized. Quite frankly, we looked at replacing our main file server at the cost of several thousands of dollars, but we have been able to table that expense due to the resolved issues.”


Undelete Helps with Zero-Day-Deletes

Undelete protects against “zero-day-deletes,” where a file was created and then
accidentally deleted after the last backup/snapshot was taken

“Over the last few years I have either used Undelete or the SharePoint Recycling bin to recover files that were deleted after the last backup/snapshot was taken. I have not had to go any further than this to recover those types of files.”

Megan Heinz, Orcas Power & Light Cooperative

“Undelete has made my job easier because users often create or copy files on the network share folder and delete it between backups…Undelete helps to repair these files any time it was deleted.”

Maxim Syrbu, Systems Administrator, Nayada

“We never use backups for zero-day-deletes (files that were deleted before last backup was taken), we use Undelete. Mostly for last version deletion recovery but sometimes also for recovering accidentally overwritten files from previous versions. It only takes a few minutes to recover using Undelete.”

Stefano Arondi, CIO, Automazioni Industriali Capitanio SRL

Undelete Helps on Virtual Systems

“We use the Undelete on all of our file servers; it’s great for Windows and virtual systems. Undelete saves us countless hours on having to restore from tape. We are very happy as we use it almost weekly. The ability to save more than one version of a Word doc, or to prevent digging through backup logs for the right version of a file, definitely pays for itself.”

Michael Downs, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation

“We run Undelete with InvisiTasking on our file servers which all have VMware ESX. As we use Undelete on two files servers that have been virtualized, we have had it installed both pre and post virtualization and have experienced no difference in the performance of Undelete. The product is an active part of our file and directory restores and makes our system work a lot easier!”

D. Arell Chapman, AVP Network Administration, United Bankcorp