FAL Remediation and Improved Performance for MEDITECH
Executive Summary

Condusiv’s MEDITECH-tailored software solution is chosen by more MEDITECH hospitals due to its proprietary technology that remediates the FAL growth issue, prevents file fragmentation from occurring, and boosts electronic health record performance by 50% or more without additional hardware.

Condusiv’s fragmentation prevention and DRAM caching software contains an additional technology called “MediWrite™” that optimizes behavior specific to the MEDITECH platform. MediWrite monitors files for extreme cases of NTFS file fragmentation that could severely impact server and storage performance once the File Attribute List (FAL) reaches its maximum size limit and causes unnecessary downtime to resolve. MediWrite takes special action on these files to mitigate the problem. Traditional defragmentation processes will actually cause the FAL to grow in size, making the problem worse.

Condusiv’s MediWrite feature is in DymaxIO® (for virtual and physical servers), V-locity® (for virtual servers) and Diskeeper® Server (for physical servers) product lines and is the only technology that should be used in these situations since it includes unique programming that can defragment the FAL without causing FAL size growth. This FAL safe file movement is an industry first. Additionally, a new engine was added to handle the extreme free space fragmentation found in these cases. Like the above, it also supports the FAL safe file movement technology.

Moreover, by resolving any existing fragmentation and preventing any new fragmentation from occurring in real-time, performance penalties and downtime risks are resolved. MediWrite also has the option to automatically alert users when a FAL size issue is detected, so it can be resolved immediately.

Plus, for those instances where the FAL size needs to be reduced, only DymaxIO, V-locity, and Diskeeper provide an offline FAL reduction utility for reducing the FAL-IN-USE size. This utility allows reduction in minutes rather than hours needed for traditional methods.