DymaxIO Server 30-Day Free Trial

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This is a 30-day fully functional trial of DymaxIO Server, the server-based version of our award-winning product.

This trial software is for Windows Servers in physical, virtual, and cloud environments. For PCs you will need DymaxIO Client.

DymaxIO boosts your Windows server performance, increases throughput, increases data transfer rates, fixes SQL troubles such as query freezes or timeouts at the source – just install DymaxIO Server edition and you will be amazed at the speed!

No credit card required. No obligation. Use the software for 30-days and if you love it you can come back and purchase.


DymaxIO is fast data performance software. You simply install it on your troublesome Windows servers and DymaxIO gets to work boosting performance and reliability – automatically and quietly in the background. It’s really that easy.

Check out these typical results using DymaxIO over 30 days!

  1. 44% of Read I/Os Eliminated
  2. 40% of Write I/Os Eliminated
  3. 21 hours of storage I/O time saved
  4. This equates to a fast-performing, efficient, and optimized server!

dymaxio dashboard 30-days

Thousands of customers rely on DymaxIO for maximum Windows performance and reliability.


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10 reviews for DymaxIO Server 30-Day Free Trial

  1. DR (verified owner)

    Over the last 7 days with DymaxIO running, it has eliminated 46% of Read I/Os, 41% of Write I/Os. Performance has improved with 7:17 mins or storage I/O time saved.

  2. LADISLAV HRUŠKA (verified owner)

    DymaxIO is the best. Technical support from Condusiv functions first – rate. Thank you Condusiv

  3. Curt Hapner (verified owner)

    We hadn’t even purchased DymaxIO yet, and we had full access to support. The ease of getting up and running was excellent. We tested the waters and, once I was confident nothing was blowing up, we pushed DymaxIO to the ERP hosts. I wanted to see the results in context of our biggest trouble spots before making a decision to purchase. Within days, I had reports back from shipping that scanners were no longer locking up, and there hadn’t been any system crashes. That’s all the verification I needed.

  4. IT Director at Community Medical Center (verified owner)

    We initially purchased DymaxIO I/O transformation software to meet an availability requirement, but what surprised us the most was how much value it added to our aging storage infrastructure by offloading a significant amount of I/O traffic. Not only did we get an immediate performance boost for MEDITECH, but we soon realized that we needed to try DymaxIO on our other Tier-1 applications like NextGen, MS-SQL, MS Exchange, Citrix XenApp, and others.

  5. Greg Landes (verified owner)

    As we learned through this exercise with DymaxIO™ I/O transformation software, we were getting hit really hard by thousands of excessively small, tiny writes and reads that dampened performance significantly. It wasn’t necessarily ‘death by a thousand cuts,’ because our all-flash array didn’t ‘die’ from it, but it was more like ‘drag by a thousand cuts.’ Everything was just slower due to Windows Server write inefficiencies that break writes down to be much smaller than they need to be, and forces the all-flash SAN to process far more I/O operations than necessary for any given workload. Not only did DymaxIO dramatically help our write-heavy MS-SQL and Oracle Servers by increasing performance 50–100% on several workloads, it also helped our Veeam backup. But we saw even bigger gains on our read heavy applications that could take advantage of DymaxIO’s patented DRAM caching engine, that put our idle, unused memory to good use. Since we had provisioned adequate memory for these I/O-intensive systems, we were well positioned to get the most from DymaxIO.

  6. [email protected]

    I used diskkeeper cannot wait to try this new proiductg\.

  7. Patrick Mason (verified owner)

    I have been using Diskeeper for several years and DymaxIO runs just as well if not better. Very easy to install, runs in the background and does exactly what it is supposed to do, which gives you a faster and more stable system. Great product, to say the least.

  8. ionut semen (verified owner)

    best best

  9. JR

    I installed DymaxIO a week ago and it was very easy process. Took a bout 3 minutes. It’s been running for a week and I’ve eliminated 9.2 Million unnecessary I/Os. Couple of hours of storage I/O time saved. I notice faster retrieval of files and data and downloads. Good stuff as usual. And completely unobtrusive to my work.

  10. Dawn (verified owner)

    The software was fast and easy to install! I am already seeing performance improvement! I will be running it for sure on more of our systems

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