Release Notes

DymaxIO Release Notes

DymaxIO™ is fast data performance software. You simply install it on your troublesome Windows servers and DymaxIO gets to work boosting performance and reliability – automatically and quietly in the background.

DymaxIO intelligently eliminates performance-robbing I/O inefficiencies by addressing the root cause problem – returning 40%+ of your “stolen” throughput. Performance and reliability soar.

If you have an active subscription you may update to the latest version now: Login to your Account, click Downloads, download the software, and install – no reboot. Click here for detailed instructions.


This page outlines changes that were made for the release of DymaxIO v20.

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V20.0.110 (incremental release)

  • DymaxIO local installs will now have the DymaxIO icon in the task bar icon tray. Upgrading from 20.0.108 to 20.0.110 will fix this issue that was introduced in the 20.0.108 release.
  • DymaxIO – Compatible with 128 Core processors.

V20.0.108 (incremental release)

  • Support for Windows 11 and Server 2022
  • For Windows 7 and Server 2008R2 systems, DymaxIO install requires the SHA 2 patch to be installed.

V20.0.106 (incremental release)

  • Compatible and required for the License Proxy updates in CMC v20.0.106
  • Updated the ‘Manage DymaxIO License’ page to provide more information on the license state
  • On upgrades, the dashboard data is now retained

V20.0.104 (Incremental release)

  • Compatible with the initial release of CMC v20
  • If you are using the Condusiv Management Console (CMC) for large deployments of DymaxIO, it is highly recommended that you read the CMC Installation Guide that explains how to deploy and license DymaxIO in your environment.
  • DymaxIO requires Windows 7 and up or Windows Server® 2008 R2 and up.
  • CMC requires Windows Server® 2008 R2 and up. A dedicated system is highly recommended.
  • The UI supports the following browsers – IE 11 and later, EDGE, Chrome, and Firefox.
  • 3 GB memory required.
  • Some other applications may be incompatible with the DymaxIO NoReboot feature and will inform you if a reboot is required to complete the installation. Some known incompatibilities include Acronis backup solution (Client or Server), some Citrix Server installations, or Avanti security application.