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This is a 30-day trial of Undelete Server. Undelete captures all deleted files in its powerful Recovery Bin for instant recovery – including files deleted from network-shares.

Undelete is for Windows Servers in physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

This 30-day trial is not for use in recovering files that were deleted prior to installing Undelete. Emergency Undelete, included with a paid Undelete license, can be used to recovery files that have already been deleted.

Note: At $200/year per server it is an easy decision to add Undelete to your data protection strategy for peace of mind and ease of use. You can purchase full licenses here.

No credit card required. No obligation. Use the software for 30-days and if you love it you can come back and purchase.


Undelete recovers deleted files instantly, eliminating time-consuming restores from backup. Undelete protects local and network-share files ensuring every deleted file can easily be restored.

Using Undelete is easy!

  1. Download
  2. Install
  3. Insert your license key
  4. The Windows Recycle Bin has now been replaced by the powerful Undelete Recovery Bin. Deleted files will now be saved to the Recovery Bin for instant recovery.
  5. To recover a deleted file simply open the Recovery Bin, click on the file you want to recover, click “Recover”, choose where you want to recover it to, and click “OK”. The deleted file is now recovered, it’s that easy!

undelete recover file


Thousands of customers rely on Undelete to provide an easy solution to recover files deleted over the network.


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9 reviews for Undelete Server 30-Day Free Trial

  1. Terry Scheihing

    The most important feature of Undelete is the ability to recover most files that are accidentally deleted immediately, without having to use backup copies. This is especially important when a file has been both modified and then accidentally deleted since the previous night’s backup.

  2. Michael Horn

    Undelete is a great tool for Windows Servers. It displays the user information and when the files were deleted, and it provides quick, easy recovery and tracking for audits.

  3. Ricky Smith

    Undelete just works. It does everything advertised without any fuss. It was easy to setup, and once it’s running, you never have to think about it again. We talk about this software in-house as being the only product we’ve ever bought that lived up to it’s word of easy-to-use and easy-to-setup. We literally installed it, configured how much hard disk space it could use, and we’ve NEVER revisited it. We do file restores every day without having to go through our backup and recovery system. It keeps file versions as far back as the allocated disk space allows. It’s a great product!

  4. Megan Heinz

    Undelete is one of those products that are a dream to a system administrator. Restoring files that users delete is never a fun task. In my experience users are always frantic and need the file immediately. I try to have multiple ways to restore documents but Undelete is the quickest and easiest way. Upgrades or reinstall of the product are just as simple. I have been in the IT industry for 21 years and normally I run my own show. So I look for products that do not take a lot of time to administer and just work. In my experience this is one of those products.

  5. Tim Dasch

    Undelete is worth every penny! Easy to install, immediate protection of deleted files on file server, mirrors the folder structure so the deleted files are easy to find, retains a copy at every save operation so can provide the user with multiple file version options for restore, auto purge of saved copies after amount of time you specify. Invaluable to protect users from themselves, at a very reasonable price.

  6. Paul Johnson

    Undelete is the best time saver! We are a loyal user for over 14 years, extremely happy with their unparalleled support and product excellence. The best feature is the network-based deleted cache it manages. We have over 800 users. I have NOT HAD TO RESTORE NETWORK USER FILES FROM A tape or disk BACKUP for a network based MS Office folder or file a user deleted in at least 5 years, and then only because I installed fresh on a new data server which didn’t have the previous deleted files cache. When a user accidentally deletes a critical file or personal folder on a server protected by Undelete, I use the simple and easy to use Undelete interface to restore it. If a user created and deleted multiple versions of a file like a Word doc, I can even select which one I want to restore, even if it’s several versions back. It doesn’t take anywhere near as long as it would to find it on a recent backup, load that backup, and then restore the deleted file/folder from backup. Another benefit is that tape/disk backup doesn’t let us easily restore multiple versions at once that the user deleted over a period of time. Undelete handles that with ease, allowing you to even change the destination for the files to be restored. Great product.

  7. Eric Lam

    Undelete is something you can’t go without. We have Server-based Undelete and there are more times our user delete their files without thinking. With Undelete Server we are able to restore file faster then going back to our back up to restore. The time it saves pays for the price we pay for the software in no-time. It also indicate who delete it so the user cannot deny they did it (vs “the files just disappear”).

  8. Matt Torrence

    GOOD. When I need something it is always quick to get back! I like the fact it retains the same folder structure where it came from. This makes it easy to find the data you are looking for.

  9. Andrew Fisher

    Undelete works! It’s easy to use and isn’t super expensive. I like everything about it, the files are just a click away and saves you from going to a backup.

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