Condusiv Management Console

Condusiv Management Console Updates

The Condusiv® Management Console (CMC) provides seamless deployment and centralized management for larger installs of the DymaxIO™ fast data software and to assist customers upgrading from V-locity® to DymaxIO. Note that for small deployments of DymaxIO, it is recommended to deploy and manage them locally.

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Version: 20.0.106, Date: 2021-05-10

  • CMC is the framework that facilitates policy-based centralized management of DymaxIO throughout your managed environment. This includes remote deployment of DymaxIO, configuration of DymaxIO, and benefit reporting from all instances of DymaxIO in your environment.
  • CMC can install over VMC (V-locity Management Console).
  • CMC can upgrade DymaxIO over V-locity v6 and v7. Earlier versions of V-locity must be uninstalled and system rebooted before DymaxIO can be installed.
  • CMC will display V-locity v6 & v7 data , as well as DymaxIO.
  • CMC is not compatible with Diskeeper®.
    • CMC cannot install over Diskeeper Administrator.
    • CMC cannot manage Diskeeper. Diskeeper and DKAdmin need to be uninstalled before installing CMC and DymaxIO. Diskeeper 16 and earlier requires a reboot to uninstall.
  •  It is highly recommended that you read the CMC Installation Guide that explains how to deploy and license DymaxIO in your environment.


  • DymaxIO requires Windows 7 and up or Windows Server® 2008 R2 and up.
  • CMC requires Windows Server® 2008 R2 and up. A dedicated system is highly recommended.
  • The UI supports the following browsers – IE 11 and later, EDGE, Chrome, and Firefox
  • GB memory