DymaxIO Case Studies


PathPoint – “Peak Performance & Longevity”

Non-Profit Organization Improves Productivity and Extends Hardware Lifecycle by Deploying V-locity and Diskeeper. “Condusiv's software is just like changing the oil in your car. You change the oil to maintain your vehicle and just let it be. Condusiv is a critical component of a smoothly running environment. You just install it and that’s it.”

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Altenloh, Brinck & Co. – “Everything is More Responsive!”

Altenloh, Brinck & Co. Solves Critical ERP System Bottleneck to Speed Order Processing and Shipping with Condusiv’s Fast Data Software. “Our people are no longer a day behind. Our ERP system runs so much faster, we process and ship all of our orders on the same day.”

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Lawnswood School – “50% Performance Boost in 1 Day”

IT staff at Lawnswood School in Leeds, United Kingdom used Condusiv's software to extend the life of their storage hardware and maintain great performance for their students and staff. “Condusiv’s software eliminated 50% of all storage I/O requests from having to be dealt with by the storage (SAN) layer, and that meant that when replacing the old SAN storage with a ‘like-for-like’ HP MSA 2040, Condusiv gave me the confidence to make the purchase without having to over-spend to over-provision the storage in order to cope with all the excess unnecessary storage I/O traffic that Condusiv efficiently eliminates.”

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Cultech – “Solved ERP & SQL Troubles”

Cultech Limited Solves ERP and SQL Troubles with Condusiv. “I installed the software and crossed my fingers, hoping it would solve at least some of our problems. It didn’t just solve some problems, it solved all of our problems. I was calling Sage support daily then suddenly I wasn’t calling them at all.”

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New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority – “Blazing Fast VDI”

Finance Company Deploys Condusiv I/O Transformation Software for Blazing Fast VDI. “With Condusiv's I/O reduction software running on our VDI instances, users no longer have to wait extra time. The same is now true for our other mission critical applications like MS-SQL. The dashboard within the UI provides all the necessary analytics about our environment and view into what the software is actually doing for us. The fact that all of this runs quietly in the background with near-zero overhead impact and no longer requires a reboot to install or upgrade makes the software truly “set and forget.”

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