FAL Remediation and Improved Performance for MEDITECH
Executive Summary

According to MEDITECH Technical Support, a significant number of MEDITECH customers have faced unscheduled downtime due to excessive NTFS file fragmentation that resulted in the File Attribute List (FAL) reaching its size limit. As a result, MEDITECH requires all 5x and 6x customers to address this issue, and has endorsed both Condusiv® Technologies’ V-locity® and Diskeeper® I/O reduction software for “…their ability to reduce disk fragmentation and eliminate File Attribute List (FAL) saturation. Because of their design and feature set, we have also observed they accelerate application performance in a measurable way,” said Mike Belkner, Associate VP, Technology, MEDITECH.

Belkner added, “We are pleased that Condusiv has continued to enhance their solution and their products are strongly recommended.”

After extensive experience in helping MEDITECH hospitals remediate the FAL issue and accelerate performance, this brief is a compilation of what we have learned about the FAL size growth issue, why and how it affects MEDITECH hospitals, and the MEDITECH-specific tools we have further enhanced to eliminate downtime risk while also delivering significantly faster EHR performance without any additional hardware.