Condusiv’s V-locity® I/O reduction software trusted to drive increase in performance, ease of use and accessibility across Citrix networking and virtualization solutions

GLENDALE, CA, September 23, 2019 — Condusiv Technologies announced that its V-locity I/O reduction software has been verified as Citrix Ready®. The Citrix Ready program helps customers identify third-party solutions that enhance Workspace, Networking and Analytics solutions from Citrix Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq): CTXS. V-locity, an innovative and dynamic alternative to costly hardware overhauls, has completed a rigorous verification process to ensure compatibility with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, providing confidence in joint solution efficiency and value.

Verified Performance Improvements of 50 Percent or More

To obtain the Citrix Ready status, IOMeter benchmark tests the industry standard tool for testing I/O performance were run on a Windows 10 system powered by Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. The tests determined that drastic improvements were made with Condusiv’s V-locity software compared to the alternative.

With V-locity enabled, performance rates improved around 50 percent on average and even up to 90 percent in some cases. In one test case, IOps (I/O per second) increased from 2,903 to 5,525; this results in speed and a more efficient rate of production. The workload (amount of data read/written) increased from 169GB to 273GB, meaning 60 percent more work was being done in the same amount of time.

The Citrix Ready program makes it easy for customers to identify complementary products and results-driven solutions that can enhance Citrix environments and increase productivity. Customers can be confident that V-locity has successfully passed an exhaustive series of tests established by Citrix. The V-locity technology works effectively with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and can provide customers with 50 percent or more faster performance gain (at a minimum) on their heaviest workloads. V-locity allows customers to “set it and forget it,” meaning that once it is installed, systems will instantly improve.

“It’s important to remember that most I/O performance issues are caused by the operating system, particularly in the Windows environment. When compared to a hardware upgrade, the software solutions Condusiv offers are far more effective-both in terms of cost and result-in increasing overall system performance,” said Jim D’Arezzo, Condusiv CEO. “We offer customers intelligent solutions that now combine our V-locity with Citrix Virtual Desktop. We are proud to partner with Citrix Systems and look forward to continuing to work with the trusted partners in the Citrix Ready ecosystem.”

About Condusiv Technologies
Condusiv® Technologies is the world leader in software-only storage performance solutions for virtual and physical server environments, enabling systems to process more data in less time for faster application performance. Condusiv guarantees to solve the toughest application performance challenges with faster-than-new performance via V-locity® for virtual servers or Diskeeper® for physical servers and PCs. With over 100 million licenses sold, Condusiv solutions are used by 90% of the Fortune 1000 and almost three-quarters of the Forbes Global 100 to increase business productivity and reduce data center costs while extending the life of existing hardware. Condusiv Chief Executive Officer Jim D’Arezzo has had a long and distinguished career in high technology.

Condusiv was founded in 1981 by Craig Jensen as Executive Software. Jensen authored Diskeeper, which became the best-selling defragmentation software of all time. Over 38 years, he has taken the thought leadership in file system management and caching and transformed it into enterprise software.

About Citrix Ready
Citrix Ready identifies recommended solutions that are trusted to enhance the Citrix Delivery Center infrastructure. All products featured in Citrix Ready have completed verification testing, thereby providing confidence in joint solution compatibility. Leveraging its industry-leading alliances and partner ecosystem, Citrix Ready showcases select trusted solutions designed to meet a variety of business needs. Through the online catalog and Citrix Ready branding program, you can easily find and build a trusted infrastructure. Citrix Ready not only demonstrates current mutual product compatibility, but through continued industry relationships also ensure future interoperability. Learn more at