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Condusiv’s Accelerates SQL Server by 128% on Virtual Machines without Additional Hardware

By running Condusiv on virtual machines supporting SQL Server, Condusiv improved response time by 128%, which in turn boosted average throughput by 50%.

Condusiv’s Boosts Virtual Machine Performance Over 50% Without Additional Hardware

In a typical VI infrastructure, optimized I/O activity will have a primary effect on multiple users of a single VM and secondary effects across multiple VMs located on a common datastore. As a result, improvements brought about by IntelliWrite and IntelliMemory will improve the scaling of users and activity on a VM along with the ability to scale the number of VMs a host can support.

Condusiv’s Accelerates Exchange over 60% on Virtual Machines without Additional Hardware

By running Condusiv on all Windows-based VMs, IT administrators can significantly improve application performance, add more user processes to a VM and increase the number of VMs running on a host without adding additional storage hardware, which enables IT to maximize the ROI associated with any VI initiative.

Condusiv Intelligently Restructures Writes to Maximize Performance of Server and Desktop Systems

For IT, these changes directly impact operating costs in a number of intriguing ways. By reducing physical—not just logical—I/O requests, there is an immediate impact on the work being performed by storage subsystems, which directly translates into green energy savings. More importantly, in a shared storage environment, especially in a VI environment, a reduction in physical I/O requests directly lowers the overhead on processes across multiple VMs using storage on common arrays.

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