The best technologies in Diskeeper, V-locity, and SSDkeeper have been revolutionized into one new product – DymaxIO.

DymaxIO™ is fast data performance software that automatically detects and adapts to its operating environment giving you the best possible performance to your Windows systems.

Diskeeper is now DymaxIO! Windows 10 and SSDs need DymaxIO for better than new performance.

The Problem:

Excessive I/Os continues to be a problem in Windows 10. This is a function of how the Windows OS is designed to organize data logically, and this inefficient pattern is at the software layer. It happens regardless of the type of hardware you have.

Solid state drives (SSD) are generally considered to be faster, more powerful, more efficient and in some respects more reliable than hard drives.

However, it’s the NTFS file system that causes excessive and unnecessary writes and subsequent reads even if you have SSDs (Solid State Drives) or Flash memory.

A computer is only as fast as its slowest component, and the storage system is by far the slowest part of any computer. It is at least 100,000 times slower than RAM (Random Access Memory) and over 2 million times slower than the CPU.

Inherent problems with SSDs:

  • SSDs start out fast but gradually lose speed and become subject to failure over time.
  • Most SSDs experience a dramatic and noticeable deterioration in performance.
  • SSDs possess a limited number of erase-write cycles, which can result in a shorter lifespan.
  • SSDs require old data to be erased before new data is written over it, rather than just writing over the old information as is done with traditional hard drives. This doubles wear-and-tear and can cause major issues.
The Conundrum:

The built-in tools in Windows don’t fix this. SSD/Flash/NVMe storage don’t fix this. Upgrading to a faster processor or adding more memory doesn’t fix this.

The Solution:

Diskeeper, now new DymaxIO, eliminates the excessive I/Os that slow down users and applications and allows for more data throughput and faster access. DymaxIO, was specifically re-engineered and designed for SSD/Flash/NVMe storage and all see significant benefit.

Read all of the details and test results in the white paper Why Windows 10 and SSDs Still Need Diskeeper.