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In this edition of Condusiv News:

  • Customer Success Spotlight: Community Hospital: Discover how Community Hospital achieved a remarkable 5-year lifecycle on their storage system with DymaxIO®, significantly improving the performance of their EHR and SQL applications.
  • On our blog: Unveiling the Culprits: Understanding I/O Bottlenecks, Their Impact, and the DymaxIO Solution

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Community Hospital – Speeds EHR and SQL Applications

Community Hospital – Speeds EHR and SQL Applications

“Our doctors and clinicians were losing too much time on basic tasks like waiting on medical images to load, or scanning images, or even just navigating from screen to screen within the application. The easy answer is to buy new server and storage hardware; however, that’s also a very expensive answer. When you’re a small hospital, you need to squeeze every last drop of performance out of your existing infrastructure. Since we don’t have the budget luxury of doing hardware refreshes every three years, we need to get at least five years or more from our storage backend,” said the IT Director at Community Medical Center.

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On Our Blog

Unveiling the Culprits: Understanding I/O Bottlenecks, Their Impact, and the DymaxIO Solution

Elevate your understanding of I/O bottlenecks with our latest article, “Unveiling the Culprits: Understanding I/O Bottlenecks, Their Impact, and the DymaxIO Solution.” Delve into the intricate anatomy of I/O bottlenecks, exploring the challenges they pose and their profound impact on overall system efficiency.

In this article, you’ll discover:

  • The various sources contributing to I/O bottlenecks, with a spotlight on split I/Os and their detrimental effects on data transfer efficiency.
  • Explore the suite of intelligent technologies embedded in DymaxIO, including IntelliMemory® and IntelliWrite®.
  • Delve into real-world case studies showcasing organizations that leveraged DymaxIO to overcome I/O challenges and achieve remarkable improvements in storage performance.

Read the full article now: Unveiling the Culprits: Understanding I/O Bottlenecks, Their Impact, and the DymaxIO Solution

Refresher Video: Why Unnecessary I/Os are Created

I/O request path from the application, all the way down to the storage

Get a refresher on the intricacies of I/O request paths from application to storage in this video. See how Windows, regardless of knowledge about physical storage, navigates logical clusters and utilizes the dollar bitmap file to allocate space. Understand the impact of file fragmentation on I/O efficiency and learn how multiple I/O requests, known as split I/Os, contribute to decreased system performance. Watch now

Video: Inclusion and Exclusion Lists in Undelete

Undelete Server edition

The Recovery Bin Exclusion and Inclusion Lists give you very complete, yet flexible control over what files are included and excluded from Recovery Bin processing. You can specify disk volumes, folders, individual files, or a particular file type you want included or excluded. Or, you can create custom inclusion and exclusion rules to fit a wide range of needs.

Watch the video now and unlock the full potential of Undelete.

Undelete FAQs

For Undelete customers, we’ve compiled answers to some of the top frequently asked questions:

FAQ #1: Can I move my Undelete license from an older server to a newer one?
Absolutely! We’ve made it easy for you to transition your license to a new server. Simply uninstall Undelete from your older server, which will make the license key available again. Install it on your new server, and when prompted, add your license key. It’s that straightforward!

FAQ #2: Should I keep the Shadow Copy Service or snapshots enabled after installing Undelete on my servers?
Certainly! Undelete works hand-in-hand with Backups and Shadow Copies, complementing rather than replacing them. While Backups and Shadow Copies ensure the ability to restore complete volumes in case of catastrophic events, Undelete excels at effortlessly recovering individual files or different versions of edited files. It captures changes made since the last backup or shadow copy, providing a valuable solution for file-level recovery.

FAQ #3: Can I allow my users to recover their own deleted files from the server?
Absolutely! With the Undelete Client, included with your Undelete Server license at no additional charge, users can recover their own deleted files seamlessly. Learn more here.

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