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  • Customer Success Spotlight: Altenloh, Brinck & Co. U.S: “Our people are no longer a day behind. With DymaxIO, our ERP system runs so much faster, we process and ship all of our orders on the same day.”
  • On our blog: Unlocking the Truth About Application Performance

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Altenloh, Brinck & Co. U.S. – Everything is More Responsive!

Altenloh Brinck & Co. Everything is More Responsive with DymaxIO

“By getting rid of I/O, DymaxIO solved our problems, and I saved about $250K in hardware costs. Performance has improved so significantly, orders move from sales to shipping in real-time, saving a day of productivity. Now our biggest problem is we can hardly keep up with the pace of the orders. We’re more efficient than ever and people are back to loving their jobs.” – Curt Hapner, Chief Information Officer, Altenloh, Brinck & Co. U.S.”

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On Our Blog

Unlocking the Truth About Application Performance

At Condusiv, we understand the challenges IT professionals face when it comes to optimizing application performance. That’s why we’ve written a blog article that sheds light on a critical question: Can faster storage alone rescue your application performance woes?

We delve into the complexities of I/O performance and the common misconception that faster storage is the ultimate solution.

In this article, you’ll discover:

  • The three key issues affecting I/O performance that can impact your applications by 30-50% or more.
  • How non-application I/O overhead, data pipeline challenges, and file system complexities can persist even with advanced storage technologies.
  • Why taking a holistic approach to performance optimization is crucial.

Read the full article now: Unlocking the Truth: Can Faster Storage Alone Rescue Your Application Performance Woes?

Video: How DymaxIO Uses Memory

Dymaxio Dynamic Memory Allocation graph

Unused memory is a wasted resource, so how does DymaxIO use memory?

Watch this short video on DymaxIO’s dynamic memory usage to learn how it serves an average of 30% more of all read traffic while maintaining memory efficiency. Watch now

Video: Searching the Undelete Recovery Bin

Undelete Server edition

In this video, we demonstrate various methods for finding and recovering deleted files effortlessly with Undelete:

  • Use the intuitive tree structure to quickly locate deleted files in their original locations.
  • Explore the versatile search recovery bin option to find files by name, location, date, or user.
  • Combine multiple search criteria to pinpoint the exact file you need, saving you from sifting through countless files in the recovery bin.

Watch the video now and unlock the full potential of Undelete.

Undelete Insider Tip

Are you looking for a different way to view all your deleted files and folders? Instead of sorting them by their original folders, how about seeing them in one comprehensive list?

Our Customer Support team has a handy command-line solution for you. Simply enter the following command:

C:\Windows\System32>reclaim c:\*.* /I

Undelete Command Line Utility

Watch as the list of Recovery Bin Files unfolds before your eyes!

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Condusiv Newsletter: October 2023


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