Samsung (the provider of the Win8 tablets that were given away to all attendees) also did a demonstration of ExpressCache at the Microsoft BUILD conference last week.

Their booth, which was at the front of the EXPO, showed many machines with ExpressCache on them and also had a demo table set up with 3 machines.

o   System with a HDD only

o   System with SSD and HDD ExpressCache (8GB SSD)

o   System with SSD only (128GB SSD)

There was a button to push, on the counter top display, that started all of the notebooks up at the same time and then auto-launched an application. The ExpressCache system smoked the HDD notebook and was almost as fast at the large (128GB) SSD-only system. And, it offered a large capacity HDD as well.

The demo proved that, for a fraction of the price of buying a large SSD, you can get all the performance that SSDs offer with ExpressCache technology (and still store all your stuff).