40% More Throughput

Two I/O Secrets for 40% More Throughput on Your Windows Systems (Cloud/Physical/Virtual)

“It’s not the hardware’s fault. The hardware is working just fine. It’s Windows. And V-locity (or DymaxIO) fixes the problem right at the source, INSIDE of Windows. Most people don’t think about that because we are all geared to the idea of ‘you want to improve performance, well you change the hardware’. Well, as Jennifer says, I’m a race car driver and I dig into the weeds and I try to figure out how I can literally out-perform my competitor by taking advantage of certain things under the hood. So, that’s a way of looking at where V-locity (or DymaxIO) is providing benefit,” Howard Butler, Senior Director Field Engineering


Howard Butler, Senior Director Field Engineering
Jennifer Joyce, VP Sales, North America and LATAM

November 19, 2020


Hear best practices to fix Windows performance problems, such as application slows and freezes, at the source.

The webinar is divided into 2 parts:

Part One, the Executive Briefing:  Real world use cases showing how Windows is Windows, no matter the underlying storage, and how it’s killing your throughput. 3rd party benchmarks show I/O transformation regains 30-40% of you “stolen” throughput.

Part Two, the Technical Briefing: A deep dive into the two severe I/O inefficiencies and how to tune Windows for 40% faster data transfer rates

[Transcript coming soon]

Hi everyone, thanks for joining us today. I am Jennifer Joyce, Regional Vice President for sales for the West here at Condusiv. And here with me today I’ve got my partner-in-crime Howard Butler, Senior Director of System Engineering. Howard is a 30+ year veteran of Condusiv and an expert in the inner workings of the Windows Operating System. Howard, thanks for joining us.

Thanks Jennifer, really glad to be here. Hey everyone, don’t let her title full you, Jennifer has been with the company for over a decade and is quite technical as well which you’ll see as we go along. One quick housekeeping item, this is an interactive webcast, so please drop your questions into the chat box as we go along, and we’ll answer them either as we go or during the Q&A session.

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