Get More I/Os Per Second From Your NVMe, Flash, or SSD Storage

See side-by-side tests on an NVMe SSD with and without Condusiv’s software for even faster NVM storage. Check it out!

The tests showed beyond doubt that with Condusiv’s software installed, your Windows computer has the ability to process significantly more I/Os per Second, process a much higher throughput of data, and allow the storage I/O-heavy workloads running in computers the opportunity to get significantly more work done in the same amount of time – even when using very fast flash storage.

What value is there to reducing storage I/O traffic?

The more you can reduce storage I/O traffic that has to go out and be processed by your disk storage, the more storage I/O headroom you are handing back to your environment for use by additional workloads. It means that your current disk storage can now cope with:

  • More computers sharing the storage. Great if you have a Storage Area Network (SAN) underpinning your virtualized environment, for example. More VMs running!
  • More users accessing and manipulating the shared storage. The more users you have, the more storage I/O traffic is likely to be generated.
  • Greater CPU utilization. CPU speeds and processing capacity keeps increasing. Now that the processing power is typically much more than typical needs, V-locity can help your applications become more productive and use more of that processing power by not having to wait so much on the disk storage layer.
  • If you can achieve this without having to replace or upgrade your storage hardware, it not only increases the return on your current storage hardware investment, but also might allow you to keep that storage running for a longer period of time (if you’re not on a fixed refresh cycle).

It’s easy! Try DymaxIO™ for faster NVMe storage for yourself for free – no obligation.

Massive Performance Improvements

Dashboard shows number of hours that DymaxIO saved in I/O time across any time period.

DymaxIO Fast Data Software Results Storage I/O Time Saved
See Your Whole Environment

See your systems ranked across multiple, key performance metrics.

DymaxIO dashboard single pane view faster nvme storage
Detailed Analytics

The graphs analytics represent an hour-by-hour view into 13 key metrics.

DymaxIO dashboard analytics faster nvme storage