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Undelete is Vital for Comprehensive Data Protection


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• Files deleted from network shares are not saved in the recycle bin and are lost

• Files deleted between backups or snapshots are lost for good

• Panicked calls from users

• Users having to re-create work wasting time and resources


• Enables easy recovery of deleted and overwritten local and network files

• Provides continuous data protection for Windows PCs and servers

• Recovers previous or overwritten versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint CAD, Photoshop and other files

• Protection from potential security risks when Recovery Bin is stored in the cloud

• Allows self-service recovery, relieving IT from this task

• Instantly recovers files in virtual environments

• Central management through Undelete Server


• Windows Servers

• Windows PCs and laptops

• Supports Extended Partitions, Logical Drives, Volume Sets, RAID Arrays (hardware and software), and Removable Disks (such as ZIP drives, Flash or Thumb Drives and Memory Cards)


Recovery Bin
catches all files no matter how they were deleted, allowing instant recovery with just a few clicks of the mouse.

File Version Recovery automatically captures previous versions of Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), as well as custom file types (such as CAD, Photoshop files, PDFs and more) allowing fast and easy recovery of overwritten files.

Secure Delete® Electronic File Shredder
files that are purged from the recovery bin are overwritten with random data using a methodology developed for the National Security Agency.

Network File Protection protects files deleted from network shares. With Undelete Desktop Client or Pro Edition installed on network clients, your users can connect to the Undelete Server Edition Recovery Bins installed on the network file servers and restore their own deleted or overwritten files. NTFS security is fully supported.

Customers declare Undelete “saved my bacon”, “saved the day”, “saved hours of work”, “gives us peace of mind” and more! With Undelete, when a file is deleted, it is automatically captured and stored in the Undelete Recovery Bin, including files deleted or overwritten from shared network folders or deleted by the Windows command prompt.

THE CUSTOMER: Herlong Associates Inc.

“We have been using Condusiv Undelete since Version 3. While it is extremely useful to recover accidental deletions, for our company, it has also become a critical element in our strategy to protect against hackers, malware and equipment malfunction. Confidence in our data protection systems is significantly heightened by our strategic use of Undelete. We have found service and support to be of the highest quality, friendly and effective and we strongly recommend Undelete.”
Raymond H, Vice-President, Herlong Associates Inc.

THE CUSTOMER: World Travel, Inc.

“It saved our bacon when a file on my system was accidentally deleted from another workstation. That recovery saved hours of work and sold us on the usefulness of the product.Our entire commissions database was saved by the Undelete program. Very happy about that. We would have lost a week of commissions (over 2000 records easily). We were very grateful that we had your product.”
Frank B, Technical Manager, World Travel, Inc.

THE CUSTOMER: Nayada-Stolitsa

“Undelete has made my job easier because users often create or copy files on the network share folder and delete it between backups…Undelete helps to repair these files any time it was deleted.”
Maxim Syrbu, Systems Administrator, Nayada-Stolitsa

THE CUSTOMER: Saulsbury Industries

“Undelete Server has been a great product! While system backups are mandatory, often times when files are deleted from a server, hours are still lost on data from work performed after that last snapshot and the time the files are deleted. When files are accidentally deleted it’s very fast and easy to restore them from the same exact location they were deleted from with Undelete.”
Rick Rodery, VP Of Information Technology, Saulsbury Industries

THE CUSTOMER: Maricopa County Clerk of The Superior Court

“We use this tool constantly, and has been very vital in several situations where executive staff had been working on a presentation or spreadsheet for an hour or more and somehow deleted it and called our help desk to see if we could recover a file they had just created and accidently deleted it. The ability to recover that file has been crucial and being able to provide the customer service with immediate results is great.”
Steve Lauer, Sr. Systems Admin, Maricopa County Clerk of The Superior Court

THE CUSTOMER: University of Washington

“I have been using Undelete for many years and staff can tell you many times it has saved them with several hours of work they would have lost. Simple math of hourly labor versus the cost of the product makes it an obvious good choice to purchase. And, I have had the occasional time when a backup failed and Undelete was a temporary stand in for the missing file. Once I discovered the product, I haven’t had a file server without it.”
Diana Sartorius, Manager of Department Computing, University of Washington

THE CUSTOMER: College of Forestry at Oregon State

“We do nightly backups across campus. However, most of our user servers also run Undelete so we can quickly recover files that were deleted in the past few weeks and sometimes restore previous versions of files which have become corrupted. Generally, Undelete is our first line of protection.”
Mark Klopsch, Network Admin, College of Forestry at Oregon State

THE CUSTOMER: Batesville Tool & Die

“Undelete helped us recover CAD files when a large amount were accidentally deleted. It saved us time as we did not have to mount backup drives.”
Jeff Hafer, IT Manager, Batesville Tool & Die

THE CUSTOMER: R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc.

“A network recycle bin is very important and Undelete Server has given us peace of mind knowing that we can recover files quickly. It has saved several hours worth of work when accidental file deletions or overwriting have happened.”
Rafael Lemus, IT Director, R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc.

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