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    • Customer Success: “By solving the issue of small, fractured, random I/O, we’ve been able to increase the efficiency of our infrastructure and, ultimately, our people.” University of Illinois
    • Tech Tip: Tuning to boost performance on SQL servers

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University of Illinois – 2X Faster SQL & Oracle

Case Study University of Illinois

“When you have a dump truck but are only filling it a shovelful at a time before sending it on, you’re not getting near the payload you should get with each trip. That’s the exact effect we were getting with a surplus of unnecessarily small, fractured writes and subsequent reads, and it was really hurting our storage performance, even though we had a really fast ‘dump truck.’ We had no idea how much this was hurting us until we tried DymaxIO® to address the root-cause problem to get more payload with every write. When you no longer have to process three small, fractured writes for something that only needs one write and a single I/O operation, everything is just faster.”

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DymaxIO Tech Tip

Pull up the DymaxIO dashboard and review these tips to ensure optimal performance:

  • If the Read I/Os eliminated is less than 40%, just add more memory to see those numbers rise and watch performance problems disappear.
  • If running on a very busy server, such as MS-SQL, add up to 16GB of DRAM for blazing results. If you cannot add 16GB, then add 8GB or at least 4GB.
  • If you are running on MS-SQL, it has a tendency to inefficiently use all the available memory. In these cases where there is not at least 4GB of available memory, then cap SQL memory usage, leaving at least 8GB for the OS and DymaxIO.
  • Optimum results will not be achieved unless (1) systems have adequate memory and (2) the software is installed on each VM on the same host. Since each Windows VM generates a minimum of 30-40% unnecessary I/O traffic, it is imperative to install DymaxIO on all the VMs on the same host. If installing on 10+ servers, simply request the centralized management console from your account manager to easily push the software out to as many servers as licensed.

DymaxIO Dashboard Analytics – 13 Metrics and Why They Matter

DymaxIO 13 key performance metrics analytics

Our DymaxIO software includes a built-in dashboard that reports the benefits our software is providing. There are tabs in the dashboard that allow users to view very granular data that can help them assess the impact of our software. In the dashboard Analytics tab, we display hourly data for 13 key metrics. Learn more about those metrics are and why we chose them as key to understanding your storage performance, which directly translates to your application performance.

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Undelete Server

Undelete Server edition

If you have Undelete®, you know it recovers deleted files instantly, eliminating time-consuming restores from backup. Undelete protects local and network-share files ensuring every deleted file can quickly be restored: files deleted from shared drives, previous versions, zero-day deletes, command line, and more!

Take a deeper dive into Undelete’s features here.

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Condusiv Newsletter: July 2023

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