The I/O Blender Effect – Discover Why Windows Systems Process Workloads 50% Slower Than They Should

Many IT professionals think the only way to solve performance problems is to throw expensive hardware at the problem, new servers or new storage. The fact is, performance problems return because the root source of the problem still exists. Some 30-40% of performance is being robbed by small, fractured, random I/O being generated due to operating system I/O inefficiencies.

Condusiv’s patented IO transformation software eliminates small tiny writes by displacing them with large clean contiguous writes so more payload is delivered with every I/O operation. In addition, Condusiv’s DymaxIO software further reduces I/O to storage by establishing a tier 0 caching strategy by automatically serving hot reads from memory that is idle and otherwise unused. This means the typical Condusiv customer experiences at least 50% faster application performance, while many see twice as much, or more, depending upon the amount of available DRAM. Whatever bottleneck or IO ceiling that is causing slowness, Condusiv software guarantees to solve it so your applications run smoothly.

Eliminate the I/O Blender Effect. It’s easy! Try it for yourself for free – no obligation.