The I/O Blender Effect – Why Windows Systems Process Workloads 50% Slower Than They Should

As much as virtualization has helped server efficiency, the downside is it adds complexity to the data path, otherwise known as the I/O blender effect, that mixes and randomizes IO streams. If that performance penalty wasn’t bad enough, Windows doesn’t play well in a virtual environment, or any environment where it’s abstracted from the physical layer. So you end up with a surplus of excessively small, tiny writes and reads. That means your application performance hasn’t been penalized once, but twice, with I/O characteristics that are much smaller, more fractured, and more random than they need to be.

This death by a thousand cuts scenario means systems process workloads about 50% slower than they should on the typical Windows Server because far more IO is needed to process any given workload.

Most IT professionals think the only way to solve performance problems is to throw expensive hardware at the problem, new servers or new storage, when in fact all someone has to do is simply try Condusiv I/O reduction software on any Windows server, virtual or physical, that guarantees to solve your toughest performance challenges, ensuring that you never have to upgrade your storage backend for performance reasons.

Condusiv’s patented I/O reduction software eliminates small tiny writes by displacing them with large clean contiguous writes so more payload is delivered with every I/O operation. In addition, Condusiv’s I/O reduction software further reduces IO to storage by establishing a tier 0 caching strategy by automatically serving hot reads from memory that is idle and otherwise unused. This means the typical Condusiv customer experiences at least 50% faster application performance, while many see twice as much or more depending upon the amount of available DRAM. Whatever bottleneck or I/O ceiling that is causing slowness, Condusiv IO reduction software guarantees to solve it so your applications run smoothly, like it did for thousands of companies like these.

Condusiv IO reduction transformation guarantees to solve performance issues on Windows servers. Eliminate the I/O blender effect now with Condusiv’s DymaxIO now.