As the CTO, one of the biggest joys I get is hearing back from customers on the benefits that our products have provided them.  I also find it very interesting how users find other benefits that we had not intentionally planned for the product. For example, one IT Manager would periodically execute a CHKDSK command on all of the disks of his user’s Windows’s systems. The CHKDSK command checks the file system integrity and can fix some logical errors if found.  The IT Manager did this as a preventative measure to catch and fix any logical disk errors before they could cause serious problems. This is a tedious process and can require a reboot in some cases, especially if executed on the system disk.  This IT Manager found an easy way to get this accomplished with Diskeeper. One Diskeeper feature is Boot-Time Defragmentation which will defragment files that cannot be safely defragmented while Windows is running, so it is run during the boot-up process. With Diskeeper, a user can schedule when this Boot-Time Defragmentation will occur and also add the option to perform a CHKDSK as part of the process.  The IT Manager used this feature to automatically schedule for the CHKDSK command to occur at a time that would not impact the users and he would not have to be there to manually perform it. At the same time, he also got the benefit of Boot-Time defragmentation.  If you have any other uses from our products, please send the feedback so I can hear about them.  Use the ‘Diskeeper Feedback’ feature in the Diskeeper product. This is under the ‘Action’ menu option.

Gary Quan

CTO – Diskeeper Corporation