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Finding Latencies in your VM/SAN Infrastructure

Okay, so you've bought, installed, connected, configured, and then tuned/optimized your new storage virtualization solution, but somehow there are still latencies with apps (e.g. SQL). You've run the Storage Area Network (SAN) vendor utilities that: did not see any contention on the disks in the RAID group(s). [...]

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How NTFS Reads a File

When Windows NT 4.0 was released, Diskeeper 2.0 hit the market. NT 4.0 had limitations about the type of data that could be safely moved online. So, a market-first innovation that Diskeeper brought to market with Diskeeper 3.0 was what we called Boot Time Defragmentation. Boot Time Defragmentation addressed these special [...]

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Do you need to defragment your SAN?

I recently came across an older article about defragmenting SANs (read it here). It includes interviews with analysts, SAN vendors (some pro-defrag, some against), and an employee from Diskeeper Corporation. I was particulary impressed with the EMC'ers response: "The SAN can't do anything about the fact [...]

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not DEad yet?

"The reports of my DE-mise have been greatly exaggerated." (or something like this)  -Mark Twain First off let me state this blog on Drive Extender is entirely based on rumor. While I have significant access to resources at Microsoft, none of the following statements are based [...]

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