We are delighted to report that Condusiv’s DymaxIO™ fast data performance software has been certified as Citrix Ready®. The Citrix Ready program helps customers identify third-party solutions that enhance virtualization, networking and cloud computing solutions from Citrix Systems, Inc. DymaxIO, our innovative and dynamic alternative to costly hardware overhauls, has completed a rigorous verification process to ensure compatibility with Citrix solutions, providing confidence in joint solution efficiency and value. The Citrix Ready program makes it easy for customers to identify complementary products and results-driven solutions that can enhance Citrix environments and increase productivity.

Verified Performance Improvements of 50% or More

To obtain the Citrix Ready certification, Condusiv ran IOMeter benchmark tests—an industry standard tool for testing I/O performance—on a Windows 10 system powered by Citrix’s XenDesktop virtual desktop access (VDA).

The IOMeter benchmark utility was set up to run 5 different tests with variations in the following parameters:

•  Different read/write size packets (512b to 64kb)
•  Different read/write ratios, i.e. 50% read/50% writes, 75% reads/25% writes
•  Different mixture of random and sequential I/Os

The tests determined that drastic improvements were made with DymaxIO enabled versus disabled. With DymaxIO enabled, Condusiv verified that performance rates improved about 50% on average. In one test case, IOPS (I/Os per second) increased from 2,903 to 5,525, a 90% performance rate improvement.


This chart shows the detailed test results of the 5 test variations:


DymaxIO Dashboard Shows Additional Improvements

Condusiv also compared the results of the DymaxIO Dashboard running the same IOMeter benchmark, with DymaxIO disabled and then enabled and found additional improvements.

With DymaxIO enabled, it eliminated over 8 million I/Os from having to go through the network and storage to get satisfied, which immensely increased the I/O capacity of the system.  By knowing the latency times of these ‘eliminated’ I/Os, another improvement to highlight is that it saved more than an hour of storage I/O time.


Additionally, the workload (amount of data read/written) increased from 169GB to 273GB, meaning 60% more work was being done in the same amount of time.


Customers can be confident that DymaxIO has successfully passed an exhaustive series of tests established by Citrix. The DymaxIO technology works effectively with Citrix solutions and can provide customers with 50% or more faster performance gain on their heaviest workloads. DymaxIO allows customers to “set it and forget it,” meaning that once it is installed, systems will instantly improve with little to no maintenance.

Our Chief Technology Strategist, Gary Quan said, “We are honored to partner with Citrix Systems. It’s important to remember that most I/O performance issues are caused by the operating system, particularly in the Windows environment. When compared to a hardware upgrade, the software solutions Condusiv offers are far more effective—both in terms of cost and result—in increasing overall system performance. We offer customers intelligent solutions that now combine our DymaxIO fast data software with Citrix XenDesk. We can’t wait to continue to work with the trusted partners in the Citrix Ready ecosystem.”

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Condusiv’s DymaxIO fast data software has been certified as Citrix Ready