Enterprises use backups and snapshots to recover data sets in the event of system failure. But how about individual files on file servers? Often times users accidentally delete or overwrite files saved on file servers.

Backups and snapshots can still be used to retrieve those files but that can be akin to finding a needle in a haystack and laborious to recover. Which backup contains the most recent version? Was the file created or modified before the last backup or snapshot took place? In that case, the backup or snapshot isn’t of any help.

First Line of Defense

Condusiv customers use Undelete® as a first line of defense for data protection on file servers to keep administrators from digging through backups and snapshots for individual files or folders. If any user accidentally deletes a file over a network share, it goes into Undelete’s recovery bin. This ensures real-time protection of all files on a file server that can be quickly and immediately recovered. Many organizations use Undelete for their HelpDesk team to recover individual files instead of tasking IT staff with the tedious task of accessing backups for a single file.

Moreover, Undelete keeps prior versions of documents, so if your CEO accidentally overwrites his PowerPoint presentation, you can always recover prior versions of saved files that share the same file name.

One of the features admins like most about Undelete is the ability to see who deleted a file, when it was deleted, and who created the file. This is especially useful if you are concerned with the possible nefarious activities of staff.

From Our Undelete Customers

Undelete customers participated in an Undelete product survey and told us what they like the most, and here are some of their answers:

  • Ease of restoring files deleted from network locations without having to use backups.
  • We have backups on daily basis, but nothing that keeps the deleted network files available and reported on who deleted. Undelete covers this issue.
  • We needed a product that provided “Recycle Bin” functionality for network shares. Undelete Server goes one step further and even tracks revisions. Great product.
  • Sometimes, human errors occur and files get overwritten or deleted, which means losing several hours of work since the last regular backup. We need to be able to instantly recover deleted files – this is not possible with scheduled backups or VSS.
  • Versioning control on modified or overwritten files
  • Much quicker and simpler than reverting to any BACKUP/RESTORE software. Plus, our HelpDesk can use it.
  • On a number of occasions, users will “lose” or delete files. It is simpler to use Undelete than scour through backups.
  • Close the time gap between an incident and the last regular backup
  • HelpDesk needed this tool to offload menial requests from IT staff to dig through backups for one file

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