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Do SSDs Degrade Over Time – Part 2

  In Part 1, I explained how SSDs can degrade over time and the reason for it was associated with an undesirable SSD phenomenon called the Write Amplification Factor (WAF). This is a numerical value that indicates the actual amount of data that was written to an SSD in relation [...]

Do SSDs Degrade Over Time?

You bought SSDs to increase your system performance, but you noticed that the performance has degraded since you first bought them. Can SSD performance degrade over time and is there a way to prevent this? The answer is YES and YES. The reason for this degradation is an undesirable SSD [...]

IntelliWrite® – Behind the Magic Curtain

IntelliWrite is one of a suite of technologies that optimize the Windows Storage I/O subsystem so that Applications can get to and from the Storage layer much faster and process a lot more data.  Remember when we used to talk about Data Processing?  Processing data is WHY you bought your [...]

Increasing VDI Density with V-locity

Many people find themselves in the position of having to quickly increase the number of VDI instances on their existing infrastructure to support remote users.  You may be asking yourself the question: How can I do this without having to roll out a bunch of new hardware? The answer is: [...]

Professional Distancing, How To Succeed

In our daily conversations with IT professionals, one recent recurring theme is that many of them are busy setting up their employees to work from home. In addition to “social distancing”, “professional distancing” is becoming the order of the day. Condusiv Technologies went through this evolution back in 2017 when [...]

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How To Find Out If Your Servers Have an I/O Performance Problem

IT pros know all too well the pain and frustration due to performance problems such as users getting disconnected and complaining, SQL reports or queries taking forever or timing out, annoyingly slow applications causing users to wait, lose productivity and complain, backups failing to complete in the allotted window or [...]

Myriad of Windows Performance Problems Traced to a Single Source

Believe it or not, 12 substantial Windows performance issues that can cause the most frustration and chew up valuable time can be directly traced to a single source. In this article, we’re going to show you how. First, let’s briefly touch on and describe each issue. 1. Slow Application Performance [...]

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I/Os Are Not Created Equal – Random I/O versus Sequential I/O

To demonstrate the performance difference of I/O patterns, put yourself in a Veterinarian’s office where all the data is still stored on paper in file cabinets. For a single animal (billing, payments, medication, visits, procedures…), it is all stored in different folders and placed in different cabinets according to specific [...]

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6 Best Practices to Improve SQL Query Performance

  MS SQL Server is the world’s leading RDMS and has plentiful benefits and features that empower its efficient operation. As with any such robust platform, however—especially one which has matured as SQL Server has—there have been best practices evolved that allow for its best performance. For any company utilizing [...]

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Causes and Solutions for Latency

Sometimes the slowdown of a Windows server occurs because the device or its operating system is outdated. Other times, the slowdown is due to physical constraints on the retrieval, processing, or transmitting of data. There are other causes as we will cover. In any case, the delay between when a [...]

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Ransomware Protection Tips

You hope that your systems never get attacked by Ransomware, but in case you do, you want to be prepared. One of the best ways to recover from such a malicious attack is to ensure you keep good and recent backups of your systems. But even with that, you can [...]

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