Four Reasons to Migrate from Diskeeper Server to V-locity Server

Still on Diskeeper Server? Here’s four reasons to consider migrating to V-locity Server:  1. High performance. Whereas Diskeeper® Server, highlighted by IntelliWrite® technology, keeps Windows servers running like new, V-locity® Server™ goes a step beyond split I/O elimination with the inclusion of a server-side caching [...]

not DEad yet?

"The reports of my DE-mise have been greatly exaggerated." (or something like this)  -Mark Twain First off let me state this blog on Drive Extender is entirely based on rumor. While I have significant access to resources at Microsoft, none of the following statements are based [...]

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unVAILed; an unfortunate DE-mise

If you're a Windows Home Server enthusiast, you've no doubt heard the unfortunate news that Drive Extender (DE) is being removed from the upcoming new version of WHS (codename Vail). DEv2 was, by all accounts, an ambitious project, designed to solve many storage problems for [...]

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We want your feedback!

Our products have largely been built from customers (and trialware users) telling us what they need and want in new products and new versions of existing solutions. We get mountains of valuable user feedback through our employees who work directly with customers including; our sales [...]

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the times they are a changin’

Here is a sample screenshot from an upcoming new Diskeeper release:   This graph works like the InvisiTasking graph (updates a measurement every second), but I can't tell you what it's measuring just yet (had to scratch that part out). You won't have to wait much [...]

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Hangin’ out with Microsoft

Last week we were in New Orleans at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference. Diskeeper Corporation staff met with numerous Microsoft PMs and executives regarding existing and future partnership opportunities. Derek De Vette, who overseas partner relations here at Diskeeper Coporation, met with Becky Lymberis, Senior Marketing Manager, Solutions [...]

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