When installing Diskeeper, many users will schedule a boot-time defragmentation immediately after running the product. Even though a boot-time fragmentation is safe, in many instances, this is not necessary and a boot-time defragmentation will require the computer to be restarted to complete the process.  A user should first determine if performing a boot-time defragmentation is necessary. (A person would not go to the car dealer to get an oil change if the oil in his car was changed yesterday.)

It is recommended to perform a boot-time defragmentation if the paging file or Master File Table (MFT ) becomes highly fragmented.  Information on the fragmentation of the paging file and MFT can be found in the Diskeeper Job Report.

If the number of fragments of the paging file and MFT are 5 or less, there is no need to perform a boot-time defragmentation. Please note that it is recommended to run Diskeeper in automatic mode. When Diskeeper is run in automatic mode, Diskeeper incorporates a technology called Frag Shield which helps keep your MFT and paging files from becoming fragmented in the future .

By: Mark Harrer, Systems Engineer