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Legacy Products & Features


All of SSDkeeper’s features and functionality are now included in DymaxIO. New DymaxIO will automatically detect an SSD drive and apply the appropriate performance and life-extending technology.

Emergency Undelete

Emergency Undelete is no longer sold as a stand-alone product. All of the features in Emergency Undelete are in Undelete 11 Pro and Server.


ExpressCache® was an innovative software technology developed by Condusiv Technologies to improve system speeds by incorporating SSD technology advances into Windows systems. ExpressCache was licensed to OEMs and computer manufacturers to include in their offerings and was not sold to end users directly.
Condusiv does not support ExpressCache. Please contact your hardware manufacturer.


HyperBoot™ was an innovative software technology developed by Condusiv Technologies to speed up boot times. HyperBoot was licensed to OEMs and computer manufacturers.
Condusiv no longer supports HyperBoot.

Legacy Customer Portal

With the release of new DymaxIO™, we launched new customer portal accounts to provide access to our DymaxIO and Undelete subscription software!

We will be retiring the legacy portal accounts with Diskeeper, V-locity, SSDkeeper, and Undelete perpetual licenses shortly.

If you have not done so already, we recommend you log in to your legacy portal account to download the most current version of Diskeeper, V-locity, SSDkeeper, or Undelete and the appropriate license files. Once the legacy portals are retired, we won’t be able to retrieve them.