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Undelete Quickstart Guide

Undelete recovers deleted files instantly, eliminating time-consuming restores from backup. Undelete protects local and network-share files ensuring every deleted file can easily be restored. Follow these simple steps to get started now.

Important Note: Emergency Undelete is a separate utility included with Undelete Server that can be used to recover accidentally deleted files before installing the full Undelete product. If you need to run the Emergency Undelete tool to recover accidentally deleted files and directory folders before you’ve installed the full Undelete product, we recommend that you review these more detailed instructions. Emergency Undelete is only available with the paid Undelete subscription license – it is NOT available in the trial software.


Download Undelete

Download the software from the link provided or from “Downloads” within My Account. Save the file to the Downloads folder.

Download Undelete



Install Undelete

To protect your server files, install Undelete on your server(s). Double click the zipped file in the Downloads folder, double click the application file, and once the Undelete screen appears click “Install Undelete Server”. No reboot is required.

Follow the steps displayed to install. Choose not to register the software at this time as the registration process has changed.

The Windows Recycle Bin has now been replaced by the powerful Undelete Recovery Bin. Deleted files will now be saved to Recovery Bin for instant recovery.

To access Undelete, double click the Recovery Bin icon or click the start button and type Undelete.

  • To protect locally deleted files, plus give users access to recover their own deleted files on the server, install Undelete Professional on each Windows client system.
  • To allow users to connect to and recover their own deleted files on the server only (no local deleted file protection), install the Undelete Client on each Windows client system.



Recover Files

To recover a deleted file simply open the Recovery Bin, click on the file you want to recover, click “Recover”, choose where you want to recover it to, and click “OK”. The deleted file is now recovered, it’s that easy!

undelete recover file


Adjust Settings and explore additional features

Undelete has many features and settings you may want to explore. Check out these short videos:

Undelete file versioning

Searching the Undelete Recovery Bin

Inclusion and Exclusion Lists in Undelete

Emergency Undelete Software

How to safely delete files before recycling your computer with Undelete

To view the full Undelete documentation click here.