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Management Console FAQs

Yes, but with one minor display issue. It will still indicate Windows 10 on the  systems. This will be fixed in the next CMC release.

Yes CMC is fully active Directory Compliant.

To access the Condusiv Management Console (CMC) open an internet browser, IE (Internet Explorer) or Google Chrome. In the address bar type in ‘Localhost’. If the program is properly installed, this should open up the User Interface.

  1. On the machine hosting the V-locity Management Console, stop the V-locity Management Console service.
  2. Edit the following file with Notepad:
  3. “C:\Program Files\Condusiv Technologies\V-locity VMC\VMC\Discovery.cfg”
  4. Change the value of SystemScanExpiryInterval to a number of days. For example, to remove computers that the VMC has had no contact with for 1 days, the line should read:
  5. “SystemScanExpiryInterval”: 1
  6. Start the V-locity Management Console.

Note. After the 1 day has expired then the retired machine(s) will no longer appear in VMC.