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New DymaxIO FAQs

Yes. We made this change for a number of reasons: future expansion, to ensure our customers always have access to the newest updates and versions, and to make it more available short term to everyone who wants it.

Monthly subscriptions are billed monthly. Annual subscriptions are billed only once per year.

We are beginning to populate online accounts with new DymaxIO and are starting to notify customers.

For Upgrade Assurance customers: DymaxIO has been placed in your new online account. We are in the process of notifying customers to login and access your software.

For Maintenance customers: DymaxIO will be placed in your online account once the Condusiv Management Console (CMC) is available. In the meantime, please continue to use the V-locity software you have installed along with the V-locity Management Console and Diskeeper along with the Diskeeper Administrator. Once the new Condusiv Management Console (CMC) is available, we will place your new software in your new online account and notify you how to login.

For V-locity, back to v6.2, you can upgrade to DymaxIO without a reboot. For Diskeeper and SSDkeeper, you will be informed that you must first uninstall the previous installation of Diskeeper or SSDkeeper first before installing DymaxIO. If you are running Diskeeper 18 or SSDkeeper 2, no reboot is required to uninstall. Previous versions of Diskeeper and SSDkeeper will require a reboot to uninstall. The installation of DymaxIO does not require a reboot.

Yes, there is a CMC (Condusiv Management Console) which will allow you to manage DymaxIO.

No, you will have to uninstall Diskeeper, V-locity, and/or SSDkeeper first.

We have instituted minimum licensing purchasing requirements.

If you would like to purchase DymaxIO or Undelete for home use, you may do so here. Subscriptions purchased on the home use page do not include support, however per-incident support is available.

Customers who own a Condusiv perpetual license, have maintained an active maintenance contract, and have migrated to the new subscription model are eligible to receive support when purchasing from the home use page.

It is possible to run DymaxIO on a Virtual Machine so long as it runs on a Windows platform. DymaxIO can help improve performance within the Virtual environment.

DymaxIO is only available as a subscription. Depending on how many subscription licenses you bought, that is how many computers you can download to.

To access your previous V-locity, Diskeeper, SSDkeeper, and Undelete perpetual licensed software, you can login to that account here

Yes, you can upgrade to DymaxIO if you have an active Upgrade Assurance or Maintenance agreement on that copy of Diskeeper, V-locity or SSDkeeper.

Yes, for customers with current Upgrade Assurance or Maintenance agreements you will be able to purchase a single DymaxIO subscription. If you do not have a current Upgrade Assurance or Maintenance agreement, you will need to purchase the required minimum.

Yes, your new licenses will be available in your account soon. We will let you know when they are ready in your online account.

For customers who purchased licenses plus Upgrade Assurance or Maintenance, the currently installed version and build of DymaxIO will continue to run, however you will no longer receive updates and upgrades.

We will retain your purchased software in your online customer account until January 31, 2021. We recommend that you download and save your purchased software to your computer in the event you need to reinstall it. You can go to My Account to download your software.

Upgrade Assurance does not include phone support. Maintenance customers may be entitled to phone level support, which will be stated in your Maintenance agreement. If you are experiencing a technical issue, you can open a support ticket via your customer account.

If you are unsure if you have Upgrade Assurance or Maintenance, check your Account as it will be listed there as one of the purchases.

Two versions back from the current release. If you are currently on Maintenance, you can upgrade to DymaxIO for free.

Yes, the is a CMC (Condusiv Management Console) which will allow you to manage DymaxIO.

You will have to uninstall the previous installation of Diskeeper, V-locity, or SSDkeeper first before installing DymaxIO. If you are running Diskeeper 18 or V-locity 7, then no reboot is required to uninstall. Previous version require a reboot to uninstall. The installation of DymaxIO does not require a reboot.

Yes. If you are updating from Diskeeper 18, V-locity 7, or SSDkeeper 2 then you can with these special steps.

  1. Before uninstalling Diskeeper 18, V-locity 7 or SSDkeeper, save a copy of the CTBDT.DAt file from the product installation folder, This file contains the dashboard data.
  2. Uninstall Diskeeper 18 or V-locity 7 and install DymaxIO.
  3. After installing DymaxIO, stop the DymaxIO server.
  4. In the DymaxIO install folder, replace the CYBDT.DAT file with the one that you previous saved.
  5. Restart the DymaxIO service.

No, CMC – Condusiv Management Console, will only manage DymaxIO.

The System Monitoring report is not available in DymaxIO.

This is a Windows Service responsible for managing schedules and product communications for their respective products – Diskeeper, V-locity, or DymaxIO.

You can log into your customer account on the Condusiv website to download your product kit and license soon. The product kit file can be installed locally with the standard Windows installer or you can use the Management Console to deploy it remotely across your network.

We will notify you when new DymaxIO is available in your online account. You will login to your customer account to view your current subscriptions here

No. Your V-locity, Diskeeper, or SSDkeeper licenses are perpetual licenses and are yours to keep forever and will not expire.

Customers with current Maintenance or Upgrade Assurance contracts are eligible for a free upgrade to new DymaxIO. Log in to your online customer account.

If you do not have a current Maintenance or Upgrade Assurance contract, you can purchase a subscription to new DymaxIO easily online, from your favorite reseller, or contact your Condusiv Account Manager.

Once you have re-activated your subscription it may take up to 4 hours for the installed product to show the change in status.