The WSJ ran an article recently on cloud cost inefficiencies that said “costs can spiral if they aren’t closely managed. There are lots of inefficiencies.”

In moving to the Cloud, you need to choose the optimum Cloud instance and “add-ons” that will provide the highest IOPS and data transfer for your VMs, VDI instances, and applications at the lowest possible price. Choosing a higher-cost plan with managed disks can cause budget-overruns, while choosing a lower-cost plan can result in performance issues and user complaints. So, how can you give your users the performance they need, meet your service-level-agreements (SLAs) and keep your Cloud costs in check?

Install an easy, patented, and certified software solution that significantly reduces latency and increases data transfer rates by solving I/O inefficiencies at the source.

Results speak volumes to reduce cloud cost inefficiencies

Check out these recently completed Azure instance tests, conducted on DS11v2. IOPS, Data transfer rates, and Latency were measured with and without DymaxIO™ fast data software. All performance metrics dramatically improved just by installing DymaxIO:

DymaxIO reduces cloud cost inefficiencies Azure Cloud Tests prove Performance Optimization

Adding DymaxIO lowers Cloud costs

By adding DymaxIO onto a lower cost Cloud solution you can improve key performance metrics even better than by purchasing a more expensive Cloud solution and reduce cloud cost inefficiencies.

Sure, you can purchase more premium SSD managed disks to get more IOPS, but that gets expensive and costs soar.

DymaxIO can help you reduce your Cloud compute costs. DymaxIO is proven to improve IOPS, data transfer rates, and latency.

DymaxIO is fast data software

DymaxIO eliminates the two big I/O inefficiencies in Windows environments that generate a minimum of 30-40% of noisy I/O traffic causing performance and reliability problems.

The first, is caused by the behavior of the Windows file system. It will tend to break up writes into separate storage I/Os and send each I/O packet down to the storage layer separately and this causes I/O characteristics that are much smaller, more fractured, more random than they need to be.

The second is storage IO contention, also known as the I/O Blender Effect, which happens when you have multiple systems all sharing the same storage resource, such as multiple VMs all sending small, random I/Os down through the same hypervisor.

DymaxIO contains a suite of technologies that optimize the Windows Storage I/O subsystem so that applications can get to and from the storage layer much faster and process a lot more data.

In Azure and AWS, you also pay for all transactions, reads, writes, and deletions. Reducing unnecessary I/O traffic by 20%, 30% or 40%, can translate directly into a 20%, 30% or 40% reduction in transaction costs.

Real savings…Really fast!

See for yourself in your environment for free

Since everyone’s applications are different, our best practice is to give prospects and customers enough software, at no cost, to try in their Cloud or on-premise environments. No reboot to install, installs in minutes and optimization begins immediately. All optimization is automatic, nothing for anyone to do but install the software. See how you can reduce your cloud cost inefficiencies.

You may create an online account and download a 30-day evaluation of DymaxIO. For best results, install DymaxIO on ALL VMs on a single host. For evaluation on 10+ systems/VMs, we recommend you contact sales to speak with a Solution Specialist to get set up with the management console for faster deployment.