In the past, we’ve licensed or distributed our technologies via major OEMs such as Lenovo, Sony, HP, Intel, and Dell – many of them for years. We learned from these numerous relationships with existing, and potential future partners, that boot times were a major pain for their customers – even brand new systems. So, HyperBoot (HB) was initially targeted to these system builders/OEMs of laptops and netbooks with Windows 7. 

To further support those HB efforts we decided to publish some facts about our test results (to ComputerWorld and other major media organizations) via videos and demo routines. The “corporate” response has been overwhelming. We’ve had numerous major Fortune 500 corporations write in, unsolicited, requesting access to this amazing software.

Needless to say, we are acknowledging these requests and seeking (via involved dialogue) to assist in any way we can to address the slow boot up issues many corporations find themseves stuck with (aging XP clients).

Porting HyperBoot to Windows XP is in progress, with field testing running in parallel.