Caching technology has been around for quite some time, so why is Condusiv’s patented IntelliMemory® caching so unique that it outperforms other caching technology and has been licensed by other top OEM PC and Storage vendors?

There are a few innovations that make it stand above the others.

Best Performance Gains

The first innovation is the technology to determine what data to put and keep in cache for the best performance gains on each system.

Simple caching methods place recently read-in data into the cache with the hopes that this data will be read again so it can be satisfied from cache. Ok, but far from efficient and optimal.

IntelliMemory takes a more heuristic approach using two main factors:

  • One, in the background, it is determining what data is getting read most often to ensure a high cache hit rate.
  • Two, using analytics, IntelliMemory knows that certain data patterns will provide better performance gains than others.

Combining these two factors, IntelliMemory will use your valuable memory resources to get the optimal caching performance gains for each individual system.

Dynamic Determination

Another important innovation is the dynamic determination of how much of the system’s valuable memory resource to use.

Unlike some caching technologies that require you to allocate a specific amount of memory for caching, IntelliMemory will automatically use just what is available and not being used by other system and user processes. And if any system or user processes need the memory, IntelliMemory dynamically gives it back so there is never a memory contention issue. See Video: Dynamic Memory Usage

In fact, IntelliMemory always leaves a buffer of memory available, at least 1.5 GB at a minimum. For example, if there is 4GB available memory in the system, IntelliMemory will use at most 2.5GB of this and will dynamically release it if any other processes need it, then use it again when it becomes available. That’s one reason we trademarked the phrase Set It and Forget It®

30-50% or More Performance

Developments like these put IntelliMemory caching above all others. That’s why, when combined with our patented IntelliWrite® technology, we’ve helped millions of customers achieve 30-50% or more performance gains on their Windows systems.

Frankly, some people think it’s magic, but if you’ll pardon my assertion, it’s really just innovative thinking.

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Originally published on Jul 29, 2019, updated Dec 16, 2021, Sep 15, 2022.