This year we had a raffle to reward our field testers for all the help they provide in qualifying our products for release.  

The raffle was for an iPad (1.0). The day we were going to purchase and ship the iPad to the winners, Apple announced the iPad 2. We asked the winners and they voted to wait and get the new tablet instead.

The day the iPad 2 went on sale our marketing assistant was in line at the opening of the nearby Apple store. Unfortuantely the line was long, the store sold out their stock, and we had to wait another couple of weeks for the new iPad’s to ship. As soon as we got them, they went back out the door to their new owners, who received them on April 4th.

The lucky winners were:

Morgan Herring, Louisiana

Charles Billow, California

B. Aron, Georgia

Carlo Piccini, Quebec, Canada