Government Computer News (GCN) just posted a review of the new Diskeeper 2010 product in an article titled “Defragging files without having to do a defrag“.

The review keyed in on a unique and proprietary innovation that can only be found in Diskeeper; IntellliWrite. IntelliWrite is the only way to prevent fragmentation before it happens. 

What they found in their testing is, in a nutshell, Diskeeper makes your computer FAST! GCN did benchmarks with Passmark Performance 7.0 and found scores go from 300.6 (overall performance) and 202.4 (disk performance) to 311.8 and 218.1, respectively.

They also noted that Diskeeper 2010 was more than just a typical upgrade, it was a major innovation…“We didn’t expect Diskeeper 2010 to actually get to the heart of the matter and fix the inherent problem with Windows operating systems that creates fragmented files in the first place. That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it is essentially what Diskeeper has done. It’s all part of the company’s new IntelliWrite technology.”

GCN gave Diskeeper 2010 the following score: 

Performance:  A
Ease of use: B+
Features: A
Value: A+ 

So, is GCN correct in their analysis? We decided to put them to the test.

Given Paul the Octopus’es 100% success rate predicting World Cup soccer (football) winners, we figured we’d test his skills on performance software as well.

Hey, what can you say, the cephalopod mollusk is good!