Dear Diskeeper customers and friends,

Shortly after being appointed CEO of Diskeeper, in September 2011, I realized that I had inherited a very talented team with deep engineering expertise and a strong desire to develop thought-leading, high-performance software and products that would have extremely positive and measurable impact on our customers’ business.

We are a very different organization today than we were when the company was founded in 1981. Adopting a new name and brand identity is the logical next step in our growth strategy. As a result, we will cease operating under the name Diskeeper Corporation on March 4, 2012.

Going forward, Diskeeper Corporation will be known as Condusiv Technologies. The name change follows 31 years of successful business, but with a new mission to connect customers and partners, technology and people with the benefits of optimized efficient growth, fast thinking and change.

Condusiv expresses what we have become as an organization as well as what we hope to be — a highly focused company that transcends the boundaries of traditional solutions with innovative products that dramatically improve productivity.

We also want to take this time to introduce Undelete®10, the new release of our real-time file-protection product with Instant Recovery. We will also be launching an aggressive global rebranding campaign to reinforce our mission and introduce our new brand to the public at large.

I want to thank you for your business and loyalty. Every one of us at Condusiv looks forward to doing all that we can do to help you and your business improve and succeed.


Jerry Baldwin

CEO, Condusiv Technologies