It is interesting to see the varying degrees of effort beta testers undertake. Some just kick the tires and make sure nothing obvious breaks. Others may run benchmark tools, test compatibility with production apps in production-recreated labs. Some even on production systems. Then there those, like Yu-Ji Hosokawa. Mr Hosokawa is a senior software engineer from Tokyo, Japan. When Diskeeper 2010 was in beta last fall, he decided to run side by side comparison tests to validate IntelliWrite, and he wrote a software program to automate it.

He ran tests on Windows XP and Windows 7 (below), preventing 99% of fragmentation and completing the benchmark 2-3x faster in many cases. Granted, this  environment is artificially created, but the results are compelling nevertheless. Real world results are quite similar (stay tuned for future blogs with more test routines).

Here are his results:

For those interested in duplicating these tests. Mr Hosokawa was kind enough to provide the software he wrote, including the source code! You can find it here.

The program is called IntelliWriteBench.exe. It also requires SysInternals Contig,exe program which can be found here. Contig.exe muct be located in the same directory as IntelliWriteBench.exe.  

IntelliWriteBench.exe parameters are;  


      # of parallel thread  


      # of test files  


      size of data for one file  


      # of writing times for one file  


      directory for testing  


      show status  

The default (if no parameters are selected) is: IntelliWriteBench.exe –workers 3 –files 10 –bytes 4096 –total 10000 –directory .\

Disclaimer: the software referenced on this page (with exception to Diskeeper with IntelliWrite) is not provided, guaranteed, or supported by Diskeeper Corp. Use at your own risk.