When you install Diskeeper or V-locity via Diskeeper Administrator, those installations are preconfigured to then send report and alert data back to that instance of Diskeeper Administrator. However, there are many means by which to install Diskeeper that do not include our central management piece. While you may have alternative preferred methods for deploying Diskeeper and V-locity across you network, you may well be interested in using some of the many other robust management aspect of Diskeeper Administrator. For most of those features, you’ll want to ensure that the end point installs are aware of the location of the management app, and are sending it data. Having the clients aware of the Administrator supports valuable IT management functions like license management, performance reports, alerts, and more.

Good news is that there are a number of ways Diskeeper and V-locity installations can become “aware” of Diskeeper Administrator in order to send it information.

The easiest discovery method is, using Diskeeper Administrator, to scan the network and discover Diskeeper or V-locity clients on networked computers. A discovered system automatically becomes aware of the presence of Diskeeper Administrator and will start sending it data.

Another option is to use the provided Group Policy template to identify the central management piece for those end point installations.

The data (Diskeeper Administrator computer name) is stored in a text file on each Diskeeper client. So, another way to direct end points to Diskeeper Administrator would be to copy this text file, with the Diskeeper Administrator name already listed, to any/all Diskeeper client(s). This can be a handy option for image-based deployments.

As for an install time solution, there is a command line option in setup that can be used to specify the Diskeeper Administrator’s location. The setup command line to specify a Diskeeper Administrator computer name with a Diskeeper or V-locity install is:

Setup.exe /s /V”/qn ADMINNAME=\”DKAdminComputerName\””

In summary, even when you use alternative means to deploy Diskeeper and/or V-locity across your network, there are many options to setup up clients for central management via Diskeeper Administrator.