Here’s what’s new in V-locity 3.0.9 (update) which will be broadly available next week: 

1. Full support for all V-locity features on vSphere 5.0.

2. Support for V-locity Guest installation on VMs hosted on Citrix XenServer. All optimization technology and features present in the V-locity Guest software, such as V-Aware, CogniSAN, IntelliWrite, Space Reclamation, are supported. Note: The only missing feature on Citrix XenServer is the availability of a “Host Agent” (which automatically informs the V-locity Guest component about the virtual disk types – e.g. snapshot, sparse disk, etc…). This is planned for a future release. In the interim, manual configuration may be required.

3. Fixed a rare problem with V-locity service crashing when installed on a non-boot volume or when installed to a short path.

4. Fixed a problem with connection data disappearing from Host Agent.

5. Fixed an MMC crash when remote connecting to V-locity Guest while local UI already open.

6. Fixed a warning message when opening multiple Guest UI instances.

7. Fixed some UI issues that cut-off text for English, Japanese, German and French. 

8. Improved the Installation instructions to provide additional recommendations and information.