Diskeeper 2010 is here!

With Diskeeper 2010 comes a revolutionary new technology called IntelliWrite(tm). Here’s a description I grabbed from one of our product brochures:

“IntelliWrite is a major R&D breakthrough that addresses the cause of fragmentation and prevents up to 85% and more of the fragmentation that has long plagued every hard disk. This technology is unavailable anywhere else, and nothing else comes close. IntelliWrite elevates system performance and efficiency to a whole new level. It keeps disks clean and fast by intelligently writing contiguous files to the disk. The benefits of IntelliWrite and the fast, efficient disk it enables go far beyond what defragmentation can achieve.”

The benefits of IntelliWrite include: 

+ Peak system performance—every minute, every day

+ Faster file read and writes – any time, all the time

+ Zero impact on system resources+ Eliminate data/file replication traffic (and subsequently storage processing/requirements) caused by technologies which monitor block level data access such as “snapshots” (common in SAN environments)

+ Reduced drive wear and tear / extended hardware life

+ Reduced energy costs

+ Faster return on investment (ROI)

OK, sounds too good to be true – what’s the catch you ask? 

Well, there is a trade-off for proactively preventing fragmentation. The lone side effect is a slight increase in the use of free space (less than 1% increase). There is also a requirement that at least 2GB of free space exist on a volume, in order for IntelliWrite to operate.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll provide more details about this technology and present some test data we’ve done, as well as tests done by beta testers and early adopters of this ground breaking technology. Very cool stuff…

In addition to IntelliWrite, Diskeeper 2010 also incorporates a number of other features/enhancements including:

  • Improved analysis/defrag reports that include free space fragmentation data
  • The Diskeeper service (DKservice.exe) start is delayed by default (for better system startup performance)
  • Enhancements to File Exclusion feature
  • Improved Health and Recommendation reports including:
    • Consistency across all recommendations and health assessments in the Job Reports and the Dashboard
    • Greater focus performance in the various reports (rather than fragments per file)
    • Removed MFT usage as a factor in warnings, etc…
  • Runs free space consolidation engines more frequently (relative to file defrag, given IntelliWrite largely eliminates the need for file defrag work)
  • No more volume size limits in Diskeeper Home/Professional editions
  • Home edition supported mow extended to include Windows 7 Professional
  • Microsoft Windows 7 compatible (formerly known as “certified”)
  • Certification for Windows Server 2008 R2 coming in the next few weeks
  • Defragments $USNJRNL and $SECURE metadata online on Windows 7 / 2008R2