The short answer is: Poof!

Many companies set up a network share as a means for users to share and exchange information/files. Also, as a central location for user files. An easy example of this is to set up on the user’s desktop or laptop system, a shared network folder that points to a folder or volume on a File Server system in the company network.

But what happens when one of those users accidentally (or forbid, intentionally) deletes files on this network share? The first thought is, go to the Windows Recycle Bin to recover the file – sorry, no such luck. The Windows Recycle Bin will only catch files deleted on local volumes. This means those files will not be in the Recycle Bin on either the user’s local system or the Recycle Bin on the File Server. In other words: Poof.

A possible way to recover a file deleted from a network share (without a third-party solution, such as Undelete® Server) is to have your system administrator retrieve an earlier saved version of the file from the most recent backup. You may get lucky if:

a) A version of the file was actually backed up. And…
b) You know the file name so the system administrator can find it. And…
c) You know the time and date when the file was last saved.

Getting a file back that was deleted from a network share is dicey if you are forced to rely on this method.

Problem Solved: Undelete Server

With Undelete Server, files deleted from network shares ARE saved in a powerful Recovery Bin. No more guessing or finger-crossing!

  1. See for yourself. Download and install Undelete Server on your File Servers. It’s fast and easy. You don’t even need to do a server reboot.
  2. Undelete will replace Windows Recycle Bin the powerful Undelete Recovery Bin. It captures all deleted files: files deleted from network shares, files deleted between backups, and files deleted from the Command Prompt and Applications.
  3. See it work:
    — Create a test file within a network drive shared folder.
    — Now delete it.
    — Check the server. You’ll see that your file has disappeared from the server as well.
    — Open the Undelete Recovery Bin.
    — Easily navigate to the shared folder from which you deleted the file—and there you’ll find it again! You can also use a bunch of different search functions to easily find the deleted file.
    — Recover it. Select that file and recover it back to its original location, or even to a new location.
  4. That is how easy it is!


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