WiFi availability and performance coupled with faster and cheaper hardware have made laptops the workstation of choice for an increasing percentage of knowledge workers. Smart Phones are making a bid to be the only business device some people need to travel with. Laptops have, depending where you read it, overtaken the desktops in new units sold in recent months. The trend certainly makes this a reality in the near future if those statistics aren’t quite exact. And then, with seemingly weekly news reports of another laptop being stolen that contains tens of thousands of customer accounts with credit card information or social security numbers, disk encryption isn’t a luxury item for the corporate road warrior. Laptops need more security than NTFS affords, Smart Phones need it too. Windows Vista (Enterprise and Ultimate) brings a pretty good solution to the table with BitLocker. Freeware such as TrueCrypt is also very popular. However, we’ve found that system administrators often look for third party solutions beyond what BitLocker or freeware offers. In come Independent Software Vendor’s (ISVs) such as Check Point, PGP, or GuardianEdge. A common question that comes up is are Disk Encryption programs compatible with Diskeeper. The answer is yes. In some cases the disk encryption vendors have improved their software to ensure that it can operate with a disk defragmenter. We’ve worked with numerous customers over the years and their corresponding encryption ISVs of choice to make this possible. That is also where InvisiTasking technology is vital. Defragmenters without InvisiTasking can interfere with the