We will be releasing a new build of Diskeeper 10 to support the latest Vista build later this week or early next. A few testers have written in with comments on where to get support or report issues. While we aren't supporting this in the typical sense (providing a quick bug fix), we do want to incorporate solutions as we progress with our beta releases for Vista. That said, please send your comments/issues to [email protected]. Our Beta Project Manager will get the data over to our developers for resolution in a future release. My apologies on the Blogging hiatus, we've been very busy. We are in the midst of wrapping the next new Diskeeper (very exciting) which we expect to launch later this year – i.e. before Vista. We are still looking for a few more RC (release candidate) testers for that release. The offer is open to existing Diskeeper customers. If you're interested, email the same address above and write in the subject line you wish to test. I also recommend providing contact data, including company name and phone numbers and if you are a volume license customer or a home user (so we can provide the proper software to test). If you have a customer ID from a past purchase please add that as well as it streamlines our review process for admission to the test program. We do have limited openings so please understand that we cannot accept all requests. Also note that the RC testing is very, very short (only a few days). We send out what is essentially a final product, and are looking primarily for "marketing" feedback and maybe some fine-tuning. It does require you answer some survey questions. Other than the short time frame we require, our testers have noted they really enjoy the ability to test our software and provide us feedback.