The following changes are included in the new Diskeeper Administrator 2009 incremental. Most are changes to address either tech support issues (bugs or otherwise) or internally found errors. Like the Diskeeper "defragmenter editions", the update will be released in all supported languages over the next couple of weeks.

1. The SCOM Management Pack is available (like the MOM Management Pack, this ships with Administrator edition)
2. Boot-time defragmentation UI is now enabled with remote connection
3. Fix to Check for Updates for 64-bit builds
4. Added structure size validation to prevent crashes when older builds of Diskeeper send incompatible data
4. Fixed a problem with two policies associated with one group
5. AD Security Groups are now correctly filtered out
6. Fix to avoid service start and stop delay when DB is not configured
7. Fix to permissions sometimes (rare) not working when FQDN is used
8. Minor fix (rare issue) to adding machines into custom groups
9. Fix to PushInstall feature to better handle the following scenarios
-X64 machines when WMI is blocked
-Name resolution service not enabled
-Security enhancements in Vista SP1 and Windows 2008
10. Fixed text in the License Usage Report which incorrectly stated that data can be sorted.
11. Various fixes to entering permissions, specifically to handle names with *.* correctly.