We've made Diskeeper 10 beta versions available since earlier this year. While we figured to learn more about Vista in the process, it was done primarily for those of you on the edge of new technology who wanted to use Diskeeper as you tested Vista. I noted in earlier blogs that we're very strict about the quality of software we send out, including beta software. That is why we went through stringent testing before we made each build available. That, in turn, means a time gap between a Microsoft build release and a Diskeeper beta release. It is a trade-off of time for quality. To date, we have received no major bugs reports (only a few install issues related to earlier UAC problems fixed in later builds of Vista). We've watched Vista "grow up" over the past year into a really solid and stable OS. In the last few weeks/month we've been outpaced by Microsoft as they near their release. While it only takes a few days to test and change the code to release a new beta, these Diskeeper beta versions are at the mercy of other projects. Our most important yearly project has been wrapping up, thereby taking all development and test time from other projects. That of course, is the next release of Diskeeper. At this time, the likelihood is that the next iteration of Diskeeper for Vista will be based on the next Diskeeper platform. And, when Vista hits the streets, Diskeeper will officially support it.