We regularly get feedback from users on how Diskeeper, Sitekeeper or Undelete has helped them out. We have a section on our website where these are posted, so I won't make a habit of posting them here, but I really thought this story epitomized what we designed InvisiTasking to do: "Being a long term user (since the offering of Diskeeper as the ONLY product able to defrag Server NTFS partitions back in NT4) I have had significant experience with Diskeeper. While the driving factor for our purchase of Diskeeper was the name recognition and reliability of the product, much to my surprise (and total glee!) Diskeeper is as revolutionary today, as it was in my past. With the addition of automation (instead of scheduled defrags, it now does it on the fly) Diskeeper has repositioned the bar…again. The overall stability of the servers has stabilized – across 8 servers, I have a mean realization of 5% improvement – this is covering the spectrum from an SQL server realizing only 3% improvement to a File server realizing over 14% improvement in file handling, speed of requests being filled. The biggest measure has been that we have not had to maintain the monthly allocation of 4 hours to server maintenance. This 4 hours is the only acceptable downtime for our production servers, to be rebooted, disk-cleaned and defragged – not to include that this is the only time for hardware upgrades, major server software upgrades, etc. There were times prior to my installation of Diskeeper, that the maintenance window would come and go, with only 80% of the defrags completed, 60% of the servers rebooted – and a laundry list of application updates, which would have to be rescheduled to occur during production time. After the first 2 months of allowing Diskeeper to do its job, I no longer had to manually defrag – it was done! I now get every action item scheduled for that maintenance window completed, with time to spare! If NOTHING else, anyone who maintains an aggressive server maintenance program will reap big rewards in the time saved over this process alone… " Paul Parker Houston, TX